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How to Get Rid of Razor Burn

How to get rid of razor burn
Razor burn effect is not that much encouraging for anyone. Many people find it frustrating and hurting including me. My very dear friend for the 1st time used razor to clean up her needless hair. After that she came to me and in worried voice told me that her legs, hands, and armpits are burning extremely.
She asked for a quick and simple relief of this burning crisis. 
As you know you are using blade than you must be cautious about the matter that your skin is obtainable through a lot of tenderness. You are not only plucking your hair but also scratching a lot of your skin.


“Razor burn” is the circumstance which occurs after the direct use of razor blade on your skin to pluck all the unwanted hair from body.  Your skin will starts burning after 5 mins of using the blade. This is since you are taking offal hair opposed to your skin. Occasionally after a while the frustration is gone. Around the world there are many people whose skin is sensitive. So it causes rashes. It is also the reason of razor burn. Razor burn is not that harsh. But the ruthlessness is the growth of razor bumps. If you do razor in bad way this will cause razor burn, After a shocking trial your face, legs, neck and armpits and also your bikini areas burns a lot. Razor burn also causes swelling and burning problem. In most cases it is seen that, girls faces these kind of problem a lot as they have sensitive skin. If you use a bad or un-sharpen blade in your razor or you forced not in favor of your skin because red bumps will occur while shaving there.

So, you must find out the good techniques of shaving your hairs. There are many variation between razor burn and bump. The solutions to the problem are also a bit unlike. To get rid of razor burn you need to take care of many things. Below all the easy techniques are given in similar categories.


1st of all you need to know that how you are going to stop razor burn. They are given below in short:
Healing is a must:
After you use razor it is vital that you give your skin some time to repair the wounded part. If you use the razor commonly than your skin won’t get any time to improve. So, try to stop shaving twice in 2 to 3 days. It will be better if you shave at least after 4-5days.
Razor should be kept clean:
Every time you use razor make sure you are keeping it dirt free. If you are having red bumps and again using dirty razor than it is horrible for your skin. Already you are attacked by germs and after using cruel razor you are adding up more to it.

Use Single blade razor:
Your razor need to be sharp and must include one blade. If it is dry than you have a ability of razor bumps. May be softening to cut away. After applying cream or gel than wait for a 5 minutes. Than by using clean small stroke you can keep away from razor burn.
Use cream or shaving gel:                                                        
Before shaving always use shaving cream which is in the form of gel or cream.
Cold water:
Use frosty water after you shave. This will give you immediate relief of burning. frozen water seals the pores of the skin.
Follow normal pattern:
When you shave try to go after your hair grown. Never shave next to you grown hair. It will reason much annoyance and also razor burns. Above mentioned matters are the post-shaving protection actions one must take. 


Now in this post we will talk about that if you previously got razor burns and wanted to get rid of the trouble fast. There are some ways to get rid of razor burn fast. They tips are mentioned below:

1st of all give your skin some time to breathe. On the razor burn area do not wear tight clothes. Your skin pores need to breathe freely. As soon as your skin gets some oxygen. Your skin will heal immediately.

Select cotton fiber to get rid of razor burn redness. Artificial fiber will create much irritation. Also try to wear cotton underwear or cotton bikini, if razor burn occurs in your bikini line area.

3rd most successful way to get rid of your razor burn fast is to use cold but to reduce in those affected area. This will calm the razor burn.

If likely apply moisturizer daily to soften your skin. This will help you to reduce the razor burns.

For 5 minutes use hot compress. This will reduce all the germs which exist in due to razor bumps.

You can use starch. Apply starch in the razor burn area for 25 minutes than clean it.

This is my razor burn solution recipe. Make a paste of cucumber and milk. 

Take 13/4 cups of cucumber and ½ cups of water. Make a paste with it. Then keep mixture in refrigerator and after a while use it after shaving. This will help to lessen the exasperation.

Hydrocortisone can also be used by you to decrease the annoyance of razor burn. It also helps to sooth.. As it helps to reduce the inflammation it also works as a remedy for itching.

Products which has glycolic acid in it then,  can be used. It also helps to get rid of razor burn problem

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