Thursday, November 6, 2014

The 15 Best Products From NYX Cosmetics

The 15 Best Products From NYX Cosmetics
NYX Cosmetics is famous among the cosmetics brands. It is loved by celebrities as well as by people. Today in this post will share 15 best products from NYX cosmetics.

I usually use makeup products from NYX or MAC. Here is the list of 15 best products from NYX cosmetics:

NYX Studio Perfect Primer: You will surely love primer from NYX. It is best option to correct your color. Your redness will look better after using this primer.

Powder Blush: NYX cream blush is quite easy to use but if you love powder blush than you must try. You can get 27 shades in blush and mostly are in matte. Peach and pinky shades are amazing to use.

Wonder Pencil: NYX pencil is creamy to use. I use it around my eye brows.  I have 3 shades in dark shade. I love to use dark shade.

Matte Bronzer: It is very easy to use. You can get many shades. It give slight gold shade but not in shade of orange.

Stay Matte but Not flat powder foundation: It is powder foundation from NYX and it gives good coverage. It easily soaks up your oil from face. If you are, fighting from mid afternoon shine than it is perfect for you.

Concealer Jar: It is very easy to use concealer that blends nicely and will give you natural finish. It comes in huge shades goes well with 8 natural skins. It helps to cover under eye circles or redness nicely.

Dark circle concealer: In NYX this dark circle concealer is same as concealer jar. It covers your dark circles easily and it goes very well with your skin tones.

Butter lipstick: part lipstick and part balm, these lipsticks are really very hydrating as they offer more coverage than tinted lip balms. You can get 22 shades of this butter lipstick, my favorite one is sweet tart.

Lip Primer: This lip primer comes in 2 shades. Right now I am using its dark shade. When you apply lipstick over this lip primer you will feel like your lipstick is applying more smoothly and it looks better than normal lipstick. It is long lasting and you don’t want to give touch ups.

Xtreme Lip Cream: It is super creamy and super pigmented; it is in the form of liquid lipstick. It won’t look chalky and it will make your lips feel hydrated.

Extra Creamy Round Lipstick: you can get few shades of this in MAC as well. When you apply them you will feel great on your lips and they are well pigmented. This lipstick is long lasting too.

Eye and Lip Makeup Remover: I did not found this product yet in cosmetics store. This is very good makeup remover. You won’t get any issues when you remove your makeup. You just need to swipe your makeup with cotton ball, no need to scrub.

Eye Shadow Base: I love to use eye shadow base. I use this eye shadow base in nude. Just dip your finger into the eye shadow pot and spread it across your lid.  It helps to add coverage to your eyes it is 95% long lasting. It is not so costly as well.

Eye shadow singles: This eye shadow singles is less powdery and blends very nicely. You can get good range of eye shadow palettes, but do go for single one according to your choice.

Jumbo Eye Pencil: this eye pencil is good option for shadow pencil. It is long lasting too. Under your powder shadow, use this pencil as base. The milk white pencil will give you amazing look and it will increase the intensity of your eye shadow.

These are 15 best products from NYX Cosmetics which I love to use. Hope my choice would grab your heart.

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