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Skin Product Review - Vaseline Healthy White Complete 10 Lightening and Anti Aging Lotion

Vaseline Healthy White
I am not yet done with my previous body lotion and see I have brought a new one. I am super shopaholic or may be lotion-a-holic. I am going to review Vaseline Healthy White Complete 10 Lightening and Anti Aging Lotion.
Vaseline has launched wide range of fairness variant, this is one of it. I purchased this mainly because of the many claims that it makes, over the last variant of instant fairness they had launched, which was pretty average.  Let us see if it had done justice.

Vaseline Healthy White Complete 10 Review

Vaseline Healthy White Complete 10 Lightening and Anti Aging Lotion Review

What it claims?

10 Skin Benefits, 1 Perfect Solution

1.    Visible Skin-Lightening

2.    Even-Tone Restoration

3.    UVA and UVB protection

4.    Dark Mark Reduction

5.    Radiance Boost

6.    Skin feels firm and tight

7.    Visibly reduces fine lines

8.    Helps Skin Renewal

9.    Intense Moisturization

10.  Deep Nourishment

What I felt?

Let me start with the claim of visible skin lightening, I will compare each point of what company promised and how they failed to keep it. If you think you will get fairer looking skin after using this, then please clear your mind it does nothing, it only reduces tanning.

I have used this for more than 15 days and felt no such evenness on my skin tone. You can go out with this lotion without worrying about UV rays as it provides effective shield to protect your skin against tanning. It makes your skin look younger and radiant but fails to reduce dark marks. I never felt my skin firm and tight because of this lotion, instead it can prove to be quite greasy for oily skin. It definitely provides deep nourishment but neither reduce fine lines nor it help skin renewal.

Price: INR 100 for 100ml


*    Keeps skin soft and supple.

*    Not sticky.

*    Smells amazing which stays on for a long time

*    Moisturizes well for normal skin.

*    Provides sun protection.

*    Affordable.

*    Easily available

*    Travel friendly, you won't face any leakage problem


*    Fails to keep the promises

*    Can be greasy for oily skin

*    Contains lot of chemical

Rating: 3/5 

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