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Things To Do On Valentines

Things to do on valentines
Valentine’s Day is also known to be the day for lovers. On this day, every beloved expects the day to be made memorable. However, it is not necessary to spend too much money to make this day memorable.
Also, it is not essential to plan some elaborate to make this day special. One can always make little gestures to ensure that this day becomes memorable. Here are some ways to make this Valentine’s Day special.

Complete Attention/Time: While it is not necessary to spend the entire day with your beloved, it is essential that whatever time you dedicate is complete and without any disturbance. You may indulge in several different activities all through the day or simple a few hours. Whatever you choose ensure that there are no disturbances. 

Relive the first time you met/dated: For this, you can either try and recreate the atmosphere that was present for your first date or simply re-visit the place where you first met you beloved. If yours was an arranged marriage, you can always go ahead and re-create the same atmosphere with similar dished/food and/or drinks.

Indulge in some Physical Activity: You can visit some sport center or perhaps go cycling with your beloved; not a sports enthusiast, try going for a walk instead. And as you skate/ski/cycle/walk together recollect those moments which drew you to one another. Whisper sweet nothings or discuss anything under the sun that would rekindle your romance. Remember no discussions in context to friends, family or work, etc.

Go for a Massage: This is perhaps the best way to relax. Now days, there are many options one can select. One can either indulge in a full couple’s massage or simply a relaxing pedicure and manicure. One also has the option of giving the massage to your beloved yourself. Simply buy good scented oil and go for it.

Buy/Gift Flowers/Chocolates: Make the day extra special buy purchasing the flowers your beloved likes. One can go ahead and do something cliched like perhaps decorating your beloved’s path with rose petals or making a heart of rose petals on your bed/car/door. 

Gift some me-time: If your beloved is always immersed in work or perhaps is a mother whose life circles around the family and children, go ahead and book a room in a hotel and make alternate arrangements for the children/family. Give your beloved some me time alone to unwind and later spend some special alone time with your beloved. Make the day extra special.

Switch Off: A good thing to do on Valentine’s Day is to spend time together by switching off the cell phone and also the doorbell. If possible, go for a short vacation. Spending time together is what that matters irrespective of the location. 

Ask the Big Q: Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to ask your beloved to spend the entire life with you. Yes, this is the perfect moment to propose to the love of your life. So go ahead and simply share your feelings. 

This is the perfect day to indulge – go simply share a meal or watch a movie or pop the question. What is important is to spend time together be it at home or at the mall, the park, an adventure zone or even a hotel.

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