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Lip Smacking Food Delivery In Delhi

Lip Smacking Food Delivery In Delhi
Now, there are times when we are surrounded with so much work that cooking food is not possible and well, there are times when one feels like treating the taste buds a bit as a change from routine Daal-Roti dinner… Right? No doubt, you can always walk into a restaurant but what when you have exam the next day or do not feel like stepping out in traffic jammed Delhi streets.

Ordering food over phone or online is a lot more convenient when you want to stay right at the comfort of your home and want t enjoy your meal in a pair of pyjamas. Below we have compiled a list of top 5 online food ordering sites which helps you to takeaway your delivery that would help you next time you have hunger pangs!! Read on more below to know more about these portals and order food that suits your taste appeal, your pocket and your timings.

1., advertised by our Bollywood stars claims to be your one stop destination to derive information about anything including food delivery and take away food in Delhi. So, you can call this 24 into 7 helpline anytime you feel like and get numbers of the restaurants food delivery in your area. Recently when i visited Delhi, i dialed 4444 4444 44 and asked for food delivery stores in my nearby area. sent many numbers of near by food shops. But among them i ordered Pizza from Pizza Hut. Thank You for quick service and takeaway option.

2. ‘’
This website works on a similar concept as food panda in Delhi and makes it really convenient for bachelors, people working late shifts in office and anybody hungry and not in a mood to cook!! You can easily order food online and pay either by net banking or through cash on delivery, as per your convenience. “Tasty khana” boasts of its superior quality and standard customer services. They offer multiple cuisines to choose from.

This website offers food delivery but presents itself on a different concept. Instead of tying up with restaurants, foodcloud has reached out to chefs and caterers who would prepare cakes, muffins and other food items, exclusively for you on order and delivered right at your doorstep. You can read their chef biographies online. 

4. Food panda
Foodpanda is a latest rage in online food ordering and delivery. This easy to use, user friendly interface helps people find restaurants in their area and order from a whole lot of cuisines. Foodpanda also comes up with a lot of attractive deals as well as food coupons in various restaurants across Delhi.
This is a special food delivery service and take away food service in Delhi that delivers only during night starting right from 10pm to 4 am, in early hours of morning. Night shift workers can actually benefit from it. They deliver n east Delhi, South Delhi,Gurgaon and Noida.

6. works on pretty much the same concept as foodpanda. They offer you with 1500+ restaurant listings and 2500+ Cuisines in their food menu to pick from. You can read in brief about reviews of various restaurants and also save your orders.

This website offers the choice of ordering the food from moti mahal, chawla chicken, shudh, kebabs and curries, Katyal Pure Vegetarian, Beliram Degchiwala , Matka Pir`s Chote Nawab ,Chinese hut, pakwan etc. They claim to deliver food within 35to 45 minutes.

So, I hope we have increased your food ordering gyaan somewhat. Order lots of food online  and avail exciting discounts and coupons offered by these  food delivery sites in Delhi.

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