Wednesday, March 11, 2015

You Won't Beileve How Wonderful Is Saffron For Health & Skin

Benefits of Saffron

Talk about the most expensive spices on the planet, saffron tops the list. It has numerous health benefits and a small strand of saffron can do wonders for your health.
It takes around 2,50,000 stigmas to form half a kilogram of saffron, this makes saffron the most expensive one. The saffron crocus flower produces saffron. The saffron stigmas are very delicate and hence hands are used to pluck the stigmas. This manual procedure is time consuming and hence cannot be avoided. The following are some of the health benefits of Saffron:

Deals with Insomnia:

There are people who find it difficult to sleep during the nights. If you are the one who prefers sleeping pills, stop it immediately and try out saffron. Add few threads of saffron to the milk and drink it before going to the bed. You can also take saffron supplements.  It will help you to get a sound sleep.

Deals with Asthma:

When the lungs becomes inflamed, the air doesn;t pass easily to the lungs. This makes breathing difficult. Regular consumption of saffron will clear the airways and allow the lungs to breathe easily.

Fights Depression:

Depression is common these days and research says that it is one of the prime reason to commit suicide. There could be ample reason for us to be depressed. However, saffron can help you to fight depression. It is better to add saffron in your diet in any form that you like. You can either add in your recipe or beverages. Take few strands of saffron and add it to water and leave it overnight. Drink it in the morning. Add few filaments of saffron to the milk or tea and consume it before retiring for the day. It will help you to fight depression and sleep peacefully.

Fights with cancer:

Cancer is a dreadful disease and might lead to death as well. Due to the medical advancement, cancer is curable these days. Cancer cells are powerful enough to create their own blood supply in the body. The saffron has the power to enter these blood cells and instruct them to commit suicide, thus the cancer cells end their life. Carotenoids is present in saffron  and it causes deadly reaction to the cancer cells such as sarcoma cells, leukemia cells and cancerous carcinoma cells. Thus, add saffron to your diet and do not give your life to the deadly cancer cells.

Deals with Menstrual Cramp:

The most common problem which women face every month is the menstrual cramp. Adding saffron to your diet can help you to deal with these cramps. If you are a victim of irregular periods, saffron can help you to regularize your periods. If you are facing chronic uterus bleeding, saffron will help you to reduce it. You can add saffron supplement or can use the natural saffron filaments.


It is a condition wherein the arteries harden and prevents the supply of the oxygen to the parts of the body. Arteries are responsible to circulate the purified oxygen to the entire parts of the body. Imagine when there is no supply or lets say irregular oxygen supply to the body. This condition can be dangerous to the body. Arteriosclerosis is difficult to detect in the early stages, hence precautions should be taken on the regular basis. Saffron can decrease the chances of contacting Arteriosclerosis.

I am sure all of you would agree with the benefits of saffron. Do try adding it your diet chart and gift yourself the best health. Ensure that you purchase  original saffron. The low quality saffron will not benefit you.

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