Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Premium western apparel for your women

Premium western apparel for your women
In metro cities including Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai there is a steep rise in demand and sales of premium brands of women western apparel owing to an increase in the number of Ladies working in the corporate sector where Western apparel are more commonly preferred over the Ethnic wear.

There is no hint of doubt in the fact that each and every lady, out there loves to dress up. Rarely would you find a girl who would not get excited at the name of shopping for new apparel, be it formal, semi formal or casual.  In India, you get something to suit everybody’s taste. You can choose your clothing anywhere from street shopping at Janpath, Delhi to malls to exclusive branded showrooms to custom made pieces at boutiques. This passion of Indian ladies to dress up well, of course arising from increase in Independence and increase in disposable income as lead to a lot of growth in the Western Women apparel market.

Western women apparel offers a lot of choices to pick from as opposed to the traditional Sarees and salwar kameez for women to wear. You can choose anything from a cute little black dress for your date to a jumpsuit to hangout with your friends to a semi formal to formal pair of trousers for your office to a fully fledged court suit for a conference to even a short, vibrantly coloured floral dress… Do you agree? I am still leaving out so much.

Let us check out below for a few fine brands you can choose your western apparel for. Guys, you may consider it as a guide to pick some impressive dresses for your lady. In the following stores, you are sure to find a lot of cut, pattern and colour options. These stores offer an amazing collection of western women apparel.  Check these out to pick a midi dress or a maxi dress or a flare dress and even more!!


Vero Moda was conceived with a humble idea to make top notch quality apparel for both men and women. Their apparel reflects the latest in terms of fashion trends. Vero Moda happens to be one of Europe’s top clothing brands and have now opened up many stores in India as well.


Step into a MANGO store and discover the latest in the spring trends. They offer a huge and cool collection of casual polka dot ops, semi formal trousers in cool pastel shades, asymmetrical short dresses and even more. Also, you get a lot of accessories to go with your outfits.


Go ahead and pay a visit to any AND store near you to check out short floral dresses, tee shirts, crop tops, leggings, hosiery and body suits. Also, have a look at their collection of V neck sweaters and pullovers.
So, these were the top three stores as per us that you can check out to buy premium western apparel for your lady or accompany her to these and let her pick an outfit for herself.

img - Mango


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