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Skin Care During Age Of 30s

Skin Care During Age Of 30s
Skin is the most delicate part of human body and it must be taken care very tenderly. It is always better if we give required attention to our skin from a very early age. Skin requires attention depending on the age, seasons and hormones.
The skin could be dry, normal, oily or a combination among these three. Every skin type is different and needs customized care. The products will also vary depending on the skin tone. If your base is strong, the skin will definitely be your friend at all age. However, skin tends to change once you enter your 30s. The following are some of the skin care tips that need to be followed once you enter 30s:

Skin types and care:
It is always advisable to find out about skin type before following any regime or choosing products. This is the first step in gifting yourself a great skin. If you have a dry skin, it requires extra attention. It lacks moisture and needs to remain hydrated. If you have oily skin, avoid products that will hamper you oil lands. If you have normal skin, you are blessed.

Skin Care Tips:
Its always great to keep your skin clean and healthy. A basic routine must be followed to maintain the skin. A cleanser, toner and moisturizer are the basic 3 rules of getting a healthy skin. A cleanser removes the dirt and impurities from the skin which is mainly caused by pollution and external environment. We expose ourselves to sun and pollution. Thus, the dirt tends to pile up on our external skin layer without our visibility. A cream based cleanser must be used by people with dry or normal skin. A gel based or foaming cleanser can be used by individuals who possess oily or a combination skin. Always prefer a good brand of cleansers as quality is must for effective results. The toner helps in toning the uneven skin. Rose water is the best natural toner. Try it out! You can also prefer the branded ones. A good moisturizer must be applied to the skin as the air takes away the moisture.

Sunscreen lotions:
Pre-mature ageing is very common among women who have entered their 30s. The dark circles, puffy eyes, wrinkles, crow's feet and laugh lines are visible on skin which makes them look aged. These are mainly due to the effects of exposure to sunlight. The harmful UV ray tends to destroy our skin and as a result it loosens up giving all these signals. The skin pores get damaged and the skin gives a shrunken look. Always invest in a good sunscreen. Apply every two hours in a day. Ensue that you apply it 30 minutes prior to stepping into the sunlight. The hands and feet must also be covered with sunscreen as tanned hands are a great revealer of unhealthy and aged skin.

You can also go with an under-eye dark circle remover cream which is mild in nature. Take few drops of olive oil and massage it underneath your eyes in circular motions. Do it regularly to avoid the puffiness and dark circles. Ensure that you remove the makeup before hitting the bed as the chemicals will affect the skin. Try using herbal and natural products which is always better compared to the chemical products. If your skin is too unhealthy and looks aged, consult dermatologists. Please include greens and fruits in your diet for a flawless skin. Also drink tons of water every day to remain hydrated.

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