Wednesday, April 22, 2015

9 Recipes Made With Leftover Food From Last Night That Everyone Will Love

9 recipes made with leftover food from last night that everyone will love
Wasting food can be very easily stopped by reusing it in preparing the deliciously dishes form the leftover food served last night.
It is usual that the foods which is prepared to serve for the evening and for dinner at night might at times are more than sufficient. Intelligent housewives will be using the skill of making new and tasty preparation from the leftover food.

Rotis or chapatis which are bound to be more after filing everyone’s hunger can be turned into the mouthwatering snack the next day for breakfast. Just wrapping the rotis with the delectable combination of the crunchy beans and sprouts with the tangy green salsa tomato will be a great combination which will be a full meal both healthy and nutritious.

The leftover rice can be turned into vegetable crunchy parathas with adding some whole cumin seeds, besan and vegetables with it and serving hot with pudina chutney.

The rice leftover can also be made into the vegetable mixed sweet pulao or fried rice with the tinge of garam masala sprinkled to enhance its taste.

The leftover vegetables in the salad can be reused in the preparation of the raita where tomato, capsicum, onion, cucumber can be reused to make the raita delicious.

The leftover bread can be used to crumble and use it to make bread pakoras or bread chap with the vegetables and onions mixed and with boiled potato. Serve hot with tomato sauce.

The left over idlis can be prepared to make upma along with other vegetables. serve with coconut paste and coriander leaves chutney.

The chicken left over can be crumbled and used to make chicken toast with bread and cheese.

The chicken can also be grinded and mixed with besan or maida and onion paste to make chicken pakoras which is very delicious and crunchy to taste hot.

Salmon fried leftover can be prepared to make the curry with onion, ginger, coriander, cumin paste along with yoghurt and lemon juice which will be awesome to taste with hot steamed rice.

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