Thursday, April 23, 2015

Important Things to Keep in Mind While Taking Your Baby to a Wedding

Baby's Care
Hello mommies, 

As we all know that handling baby is not an easy task. When it comes to attending a wedding or traveling with your baby is really a toughest job in world. Thus it is every important for you mommies that not to panic just be calm and keep all baby essential in your baby bay well.

Last year I went to my sister in law wedding at Sunam in Punjab and many times it happened that I missed many of the ceremonies but friends I must thanks to my mother in law as she made me comfortable and made me attend remaining ceremonies. Thus it is best that both mommies and baby to be comfortable well equipped and well prepared. 

In today’s post will share some practical and simple tips on how to enjoy wedding along with your baby.

Must carry at least 3 sets of baby cloths

Whether your baby is 2 months or 2 years, they have tendency to keep themselves dirty by dropping food or by playing. Thus it is important to keep at least 3 sets of cloths in your baby bag. If you need to attend wedding at different city then carry few more cloths.

Top feed or sterilized milk bottles

In every 2 or 3 hour my son used to feed and once his hunger pangs strike then he cries very badly or he behaves fussily in public. So to avoid this situation I carry extra top feed or sterilized bottles. Whether it is summer or winter never forgets to carry water in a baby sipper and note to give water in time to time.
Baby's Care

Keep extra diapers

When I attended sister in laws marriage that time my son was just a month old so he used to drink liquid thus he used to urinate more frequently. Thus I used to change his diapers every 4 hours. Even if your child is 1+ age then they eat more solid and less liquid then too carry extra diapers in a baby bag.

Keep soothers and toys

Yuvi always wishes to have constant attention. But when we went gathering there I had number of things like attending friends, family, eating etc. thus meanwhile when I was not around and to entertain my son by relatives I used to keep his favorite toys. 

Easy to eat foods 

Babies who are below 6 months do not have issue as they breastfed or use bottles. But for toddlers, making them eat watery food will be very hassle while traveling or attending wedding. Thus now as my son is 1+ age so I keep finger foods like dry fruits, berries, biscuits, chips etc. Friends you know now Yuvi want to eat by himself so by giving finger foods he does not make to mess in car or outside at venue. 

Baby's Care

Take baby pram

My son yuvi always wished to move around and whenever I make him sit for longer time then he used to hate it. Even caring baby for a longer time is not easy for we mommies right? As it make us tired. Thus to keep your baby happy and engage you can make them sit in pram so that somebody else can move them around. Even whenever they wish to sleep then they can sleep in a pram peacefully.

Keep a baby blanket

Friends if you need to attend summer wedding then keep cotton bed sheet and if its winter then keep blankets. Thus it makes them safe from harsh wind, cold and mosquitoes. 

Never wear high heels

I always loved to wear high heels, I have around 6 pairs of party wear high heels from inch 5 and catwalk but whenever I am with yuvi I say no to heels. While caring baby, heels are very dangerous. You can get back pain; chance of tripping thus you can buy trendy platforms, jootis or kitten heels for attending wedding.

Comfortable cloths

When it comes to wedding we all wish to wear heavily embellished and bling outfits, but when you have a baby it’s better to wear sober and simple as stone work or beads in your outfit can poke the baby when you carry. Wearing comfortable and lighter cloths, you will be easily manageable while carrying baby. 

Fewer accessories

When you wear any shiny and sparkling stuff your baby will grab them easily. Shiny necklaces, dangling earrings, stone rings etc are inviting to them and which may hurt them as well. Thus wear minimal and simple jewellery. 
Baby's Care

These are some handy and easy tips which I think every mother should follow and carry while attending a wedding or while traveling with your baby.


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