Thursday, May 14, 2015

Amazing Kodaikanal - Best Places To See & Stay

The thirst of being in the awesome natural beauty with the superb hospitality services and luxurious stay with both physical and mental relaxation can be quenched on visiting-amazing Kodaikanal and booking a room in the United 21…

Summer vacations are meant for travelling to the most preferred place and enjoying the soothing climate in any hilly region and enjoying utmost with your friends and family.


Kodaikanal is one of the favorite tourist spot for those who want the peace, calmness and the beautiful natural sceneries enveloped all around you always. United 21 Hotel which is situated in the foothill of the valley is a real superb accommodation and luxurious benefit providing services of food and entertainment for the travellers. 


The road to the hotel is a bit scary due to the twists and turns of the hills and valleys we need to cross before entering inside the hotel gate. But ones you reach there you will be refreshed and energized with the marvelous sightseeing and greenery all over the place. You and your near and dear ones can enjoy and be relaxed inside the rooms which is properly arranged with all necessary items like TV, phone services, AC, towels, soaps, geysers, minibar, locker etc,present as per the choice of room you pay for.


The food is also decent and the dining hall turns really appealing in the evening with the nice decoration and DJ. The Wi-Fi is only available in the lobby.

Church - Kodalkanal

The view of the outside from the resort is just mind blowing with the cool breeze blowing around the place which has the pure oxygen and freshness to rejuvenate your senses. 


There are many sight viewing attractions in Kodaikanal which are situated only 3-5 kms aways from the United 21 hotel. 

Lake view - Kodaikanal

Devil’s Kitchen a scary name for the place which is one of the most fascinating place to see and enjoy in Kodaikanal. This cave has an air of mystery to it owing to its deep hidden ravines that seem to appear from nowhere. The footing should be carefully done as there are ups and downs inside the cave.


Just 25 kilometres from the United 21 hotel in Kodaikanal is Berijam Lake which is surrounded by the beautiful verdant forest. The lake is so pristine and serene all year long and is one of the perfect places for a picnic and a daytrip with family and friends.

Kodaikanal forest

You can visit Pillar Rocks on a clear sunshine day. These constitute three massive granite boulders which are standing together and each of them are 400-feet tall. 

forest temple

Created in 1863 the artificial Kodai Lake is another superb attraction. The green meadows surrounding its crystal blue waters make it one of the wonderful manmade creation which also has the boating and picnic advantage for travellers.

Bear Shola Falls, Silver Cascade, Glen Falls, and Fairy Falls are lovely and awesome waterfall which will reenergize you mind and body with the cluttering continuous sound of water flowing from the hilltops. You will forget all the tension and depression and get yourself engaged in the charming and cool atmosphere all around you encompassing. 


Coaker’s Walk, Bryant Park, Yoga center are also must visit tourist attraction of Kodaikanal which is near to the United 1 hotel and can be reached in few hours.


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