Friday, May 15, 2015

Top 10 Brunch Ideas or Recipes

brunch ideas
Brunch Menus Should Be As Such That it is Perfect to Meet the Need of Both Your Breakfast and Lunch...
Hi all food lovers!!

I am writing this article for those who at times skip their breakfast due to hurry or due to lazy. So the ultimate option is to go for the brunch menu.

The various brunch menus which can meet your need and can fill your stomach can be any of the following.



The sandwich of bread, butter with potato and spring onion and capsicum stuffed. This sandwich can be baked or fried with besan to make it the bread pakora. You can eat it with tea or coffee or even only with tomato sauce or coriander leaves chutney.



The cornflakes with hot milk stuffed with other ingredient like nuts, fruits and raisins will be healthy and nutritious to give you the energy to work.

A glass of fruit juice accompanied will be suitable to spend the entire time till evening.

Masala Dosa

masala dosa

The south Indian masala Dosa is another favorite brunch recipe which is fast and easy to make and eat hot with coconut paste.



Pan-fry vegetable patties until golden, then top with avocado and an egg. It is Mexican style brunch recipe which is easy to cook and healthy to eat.



Smother fluffy waffles with fried bananas, vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce for an indulgent dessert or brunch time treat in the not summer days.

Stuffed Parathas


The stuffed paranthas like aloo, gobi, carrots, onions or radish are other brunch options to be eaten with curd.

Bread Rolls

bread rolls

Fill wholewheat bread rolls with juicy tomatoes and a Herby omelet for a filling yet cheap breakfast or brunch.

Green Salad / Vegetables

green salad

A quick, easy and healthy breakfast that will keep you satisfied until lunch, with eggs and green vegetables such as broccoli and courgettes

French toast with Shake

french toast

French toast and banana shake with maple syrup is another brunch delicacy which is tasty and healthy.

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