Tuesday, June 23, 2015

5 Things at Hotels You Should Always Avoid Touching

5 Things at Hotels You Should Always Avoid Touching
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Today I shall be writing about the topic which is often neglected but is matter of concern for everyone. Staying at home we are always concerned about minute cleanliness and hygiene which keeps u away from microbes and disease causing germs. But when we go to some hotels for tour or trip most of us thinks that that the look and the perfect arrangements of things have got away with all sorts of infections and germs also. But to be very true most of the hotels are not the same clean and hygiene maintained as they look.

The first thing we must always remember that the rooms of hotels are used by various kinds of people and in numerous numbers. Customers’ comes and goes frequently, so the time left for cleaning is very less. The bed sheets and the blankets may not have been washed properly and the same blanket which was used by the former room occupier was repeated to the next one. The pillow covers which are also used by many people might not have been washed in hurry and disinfectants was not used to wash it properly. This negligence can affect the health and cause microbes inhibit the body of others staying and using the same covers.

·        Pillow cover
·        Bed sheets and blankets
·        Phone
·        Remotes
·        Glasses and jars

The TV remote which is another carrier of microbes like bacteria- E-coli and viruses needs to be used only after disinfecting them Be sure not to let children and infants to handle remotes of hotel rooms. The glass and the mugs which looks shiny and clean may not have been washed properly with disinfectants after being used by prior room occupier and only was rubbed by cloth to look shining. The phone services which is being used by all the customers staying in any particular room is a must germ carrier, and precautions should be taken to clean it properly with disinfectants every time one leaves the room.

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