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Top 8 Yardley Perfumes for Girls

Top 8 Yardley Perfumes for women
Yardley is a famous UK brand for perfumes with many women gets attracted to its fragrances due to its subtle hint of femininity in it. It is one of the best known brands in perfumes and it has its presence worldwide. The Yardley's perfume collection made for women belongs to all age groups.

April Violets

April Violets is a flower based fragrance from Yardley. It has a good floral fragrance that pleases women. 

Ballet is yet another flower based perfume that has a woody musky like scent created for women.

Baroque is a perfume created by Ann Gottlieb launched by Yardley in the year 1996.

Chique is the elegant and sophisticated version of Yardley’s range of fragrances for women. 

Confetti by Yardley is a flower and fruit based fragrance blend for women who like these types of combination. 

English Lavender
This is the aromatic fragrance for ladies which was launched back in 1913 that carry the fragrence of rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender and bergamot.

English Rose

The English Rose is a classic example of the scents from English garden with the best notes of rose, geranium and such musky and woody fragrances that are mostly loved by women.

Forever by Yardley
Forever is another variety of perfume from yardley which has the musky fragrance of lemon, marigold, jasmine, orange flower and sandalwood which is very much appreciated by women. 

The perfume designed for the women who want the citrus fragrance.

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