Friday, June 19, 2015

A hug to remember on occasion of Fathers Day - #hugYourDad by Vicks

A hug to remember on occasion of Fathers Day, source - google
A soul who looks strict but is very soft centric, has hoarse voice but soft words, physically strong but emotionally surrendered. Yes, he can be only our father, the person who loves us the most. A father’s love is never been considered in the eyes of the society. He is always considered to be the bread earner and the decision maker of the family. He leaves for work in the mornings and returns in the night. I agree he spends less time with us when compared to our mom, but does that mean that he loves his kids less. Of course not!

He is too busy in taking care of his family that he forgets himself. Remember those days, when you used to wait for your dad to return home and take you out just for an ice cream or a candy. I am sure all of us would have had such moments.  The joy did not lie in getting an ice cream or a candy, but being with him. No matter how frustrated he is with work or is tired, he would never say a no to see that smile on your face. Yes, it is the way of expressing his love.

Father’s day is celebrated globally on 21st june of every year. This was started in US to complement the Mother’s day and celebrate fatherhood. I personally feel that  a single day cannot define our love for our father. Everyday is a day of gratitude to him.  When we are born, we do not have any identity in the society. He just not only lends his name to us in the society, but also his soul right from the day we enter his life. I recently asked a friend of mine, “What is the best moment of your life so far?” He smiled and replied, “The day I had held my daughter in my arms for the first time.”  I was touched by his answer.

Yes, a father’s love is hidden. He is  inexpressive. He might yell at you or wouldn’t permit you for the late night show. He might warn you for your studies or would disapprove of your girlfriend or boyfriend. Remember, just one thing - He loves you and loves you immensely. Nothing in this universe can substitute a father’s love for his kids. Ya, he might love his daughter more than his son and that is a universal fact. Let’s accept it!

This father’s day, 

This father’s day, I am participating in the '#HugYourDad' activity for Vicks in association with BlogAdda. Friends you also take an extra effort to show how much he means to you. A hug is the best way to start your day with. Remember the last time when you have hugged him? Your hectic schedule would have hardly permitted to express your love towards him. Shower him with some pleasant surprises. If you stay away from home, book your tickets just to be with him on this auspicious day. Talk about the best moments that you have shared with him. Take a walk with him and say him, ”Papa I love you”. He would surely reciprocate it with his emotions and tears.


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