Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sweet-Sour Phalsa Ice Lollies

sweet sour Phalsa Ice Lollies
Summer is here.. So are all varieties of berries available… Relive your childhood days with very refreshing sweet sour Phalsa Ice Lollies….

Ingredients for Phalsa Pulp: 

250g Phalsa
150g Sugar ( or as per taste depending on how sweet or sour is phalsa)
1 cup water


In a pressure cooker put together phalsa, sugar and water. Now let the pressure cooker whistle twice one at high flame and the second one on low flame. After the second whistle switch off the gas. Now open the cover and mash them with wooden churner for 5 minutes. now sieve the pulp through soup siever with round ladle or may be with hand so that all pulp is sieved properly. After the sieving you will have around 250 g pulp ready to make lollies.

sweet sour Phalsa Ice Lollies

Ingredients for Ice Lollies:

250g Phalsa Pulp
150g Water
7-8 drops of Rose water
P.S. The ratio of pulp and water is 40 60. that is 40%pulp and 60% water.


Mix well Phalsa pulp, water and rose water in a bowl. Now pour the mixture into ice lolly molds and freeze them. When almost set insert the sticks into mold and freeze again till completely set. Before serving dip the molds in water few seconds. Unmould and enjoy the icy treat.

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