Friday, June 5, 2015

How To Reduce Weight After Pregnancy Without Exercise

How to reduce weight after pregnancy without exercise
Heya friends,

After pregnancy we all gain lots of weight. I gained 16 kg after delivering cute and sweet baby boy.
As I had normal delivery I thought I can join gym or do aerobics and easily reduce my weight. Friends I think after pregnancy whether you had normal or cesarean you hardly get time for yourself, simply forget about exercise. 
I stay with my inlaws, I get so much help from my mother in law but hardly got time for exercise in 1st 4 months after pregnancy.  My whole day and night was disturbed. But what made me low in cheerful atmosphere was my weight. I was unable to wear my favorite dress. 
I must thanks to one of my friend who helped me to reduce weight without exercises after pregnancy. Guess what friends I reduced 6 kgs in a month and finally I can wear few of my dresses. 
Here are few things you must note if you want to reduce weight without exercise. Must read out whole article, I am sure you will easily reduce weight.
Reduce your pregnancy weight with portion control
I know doing dieting is very bad thing but it’s important to cutting down your favorite food instead of cutting nutritional food. I skipped chocolates, desserts and sweet lemonade. It was very hard challenge as I have sweet tooth but for this over weight I had too. 
Discover about reducing your pregnancy weight through breastfeeding
It is fact that when you breastfeed your baby, you will easily reduce weight as your healthy nutrition is supplied to your baby through mother’s milk.  Friends feed your baby and reduce weight after pregnancy.
Reduce your weight after pregnancy with whole foods
We all love to eat processed foods like noodles, chips etc but these food items contain chemicals and additives which helps to build fat in your body. After pregnancy I wished to eat something yummy and delicious in our India I can call something chatpata thus I ate lots of chips and daal mots a lot. I guess this is one more reason why I gain so much weight.  When we consume nature intended food our body gets nutrients and thus your weight is under control and you can easily fight with many diseases. Thus by cutting down processed food you can easily reduce weight after pregnancy. 
Reduce weight after pregnancy by cutting down soft drinks and alcohol
If we consume one soda in a day then we can easily gain 15 pounds in a year. Even it applies with alcoholic beverages, fruit drinks and fruitades as all of them contain lots of sugar. 
Reduce your after pregnancy weight by not avoiding meals
After pregnancy as I gained weight so I thought to gained weight by cutting my dinner. I did this for a week and guess what friends I woke up at mid night and ate food. This thing impacts me to gain weight.  Instead of eating 3 heavy meals eat 5 small meals I am sure this will surely reduce your weight.
Mommies it’s very important to stay healthy by eating healthy diet as you need to take care of your new born. Friends maintain your lifestyle by eating healthy food and staying fit.
Follow these things for a month and reduce your weight mommies. Do comment and let me know whats your secret to reduce weight after pregnancy.


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