Saturday, June 6, 2015

Natural And Homemade Night Cream Made From Apple

Natural And Homemade Night Cream Made From Apple
With this polluted environment your skin suffers a lot. You need to pamper it at intervals if you want to retain your beauty and glow of your skin. Many of you might be too busy to find time to follow a beauty regime. But you can give 5 min definitely at night for a supple and soft.

Here I have given a quick and easy recipe which you can make at your home with a very easy and cheap ingredient and get a glowing and fresh skin.

Apples are rich in vitamins A, B and C, as well as beta-carotene, malic acid and antioxidants. These nutrients help maintain healthy and younger-looking skin.  

So I have used apple as my main ingredient and tried to make a best night cream one could ever have. 


 1 Apple
Olive Oil
Rose Water


Chop the apples into small pieces , do not forget to remove seeds.

Blend it with half cup of olive oil, until you get a smooth paste of thick consistency.

Boil the mixture for few minutes.

You can also microwave it instead of boiling.

Once the mixture get cool down, add rose water to get a perfect creamy consistency.

Store it use it.

So simple right? Then go and have an apple cream tonight. 

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