Friday, July 17, 2015

10 Reasons Why Fav Phone Should Be On Your Wishlist

Asus Zenphone 2
Hey guys,

Are you planning to buy a new smart phone in near future? This phone might just be what you are looking for! This "fav phone" is "Asus Zenphone 2" and given below are top 10 reasons why this should be on your shopping list!!

After growing through a lot of blogs, discussion forums, expert opinions and getting actual user reviews from a couple of people, I decided my next smart phone purchase is going to be Asus Zen Phone 2. Here are a few reasons to justify my decision:

#1 Smart and Sleek design: First thing that attracts me about any phone is obviously, it's physical appearance. Asus Zen phone manages to have a sleek & User friendly design. It has a thin profile of 3.9 mm. It is easy to grip and carry around.

#2 Pictures, music, videos, movies, documents... You practically, require your smart phone to store it all & your phone has going to have sufficient storage space to accommodate all of it without hanging. Asus Zen phone 2 comes with 4 GB RAM, as compared to competitor brands where most phones are offering 1 GB RAM

Photo clicked by Asus ZenPhone 2

#3 Superior processor with 64- bit Intel Atom Quad core processor. There is also a 3 Support. This powerful is great for gaming addicts, like me! It has excellent video streaming, speedy web surfing & multitasking!!

#4 For those who like to explore some colour options, Asus Zen phone 2 offers 5 different colour options in Ceramic White, Osmium, Black, Red & Sheer Gold.

#5 The camera has an excellent resolution with 13 MP primary camera. The front camera is 5 MP front cameras which are great for clicking selfies. If you go out for a trip, some good photos to capture the moments & Scenes in your camera forever!!

#6 Long battery life which does not drain out too frequently. The charger does recharge the battery within an hour.

#7 Are you one of those people who keep accidentally dropping their phones...Well, I am and thankfully, Asus Zen phone 2 has a screen protection by Coring Gorilla glass 3. So, you can be sure that your screen would not get damaged, even if you drop it accidentally.

#8 This supports 4G Internet speed so, great for those who need fast speed Internet connection.

#9 Dual sim enabled which is a necessity for those who want to keep two numbers to separate their professional contacts from private contacts.

#10 Price is very affordable, too. You can get this cell phone for 12000 bucks!!

I guess, you must not need more reasons to purchase this fav phone called Asus Zen phone 2!!


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