Saturday, July 18, 2015

How to set a Dinner Table

dinner table
You have a dinner party at your house and some really important people are coming to visit. You must impress them and you put your heart and soul into preparing the food. But what you don’t put much thought into is setting the dinner table perfect. Besides the food, the way you present the dining table also leaves an impression on the guests. So you need to get it right. Today we’re going to share with you the perfect way to set the dinner table which will definitely impress your guests.

First let us discuss the components of the dinner table. Firstly there’s basic cutlery, the forks, spoon and the knife, then there’s cloth napkins (starched, pressed and folded), glassware and seasoning. 

The Basics: The main dinner plate has to go right in the center in front of the chair. The drinking glass should be placed on the right side of the plate. If you’re going to serve appetizers then make sure to place the appetizer place right on top of the main dinner plate and center it.
Glassware: In a dinner party, there’re generally three drinking glasses, white wine glass, red wine glass and the water glass. The white wine glass for the first course should be placed at the top right position of the plate, the red wine glass in the middle and the water glass in the front. Place the glasses in the order of their use if you’re going to serve more than one wine.

The Napkin: A cloth napkin, lightly starched, pressed and folded crisp should be placed to the left of the plate. But if you have the talent of making a few folds and turning it into a swan, then do flaunt your skills at your dinner party and place the origami napkin right in the center of the dinner plate.

Cutlery: Place the knife to the immediate right of the plate with the blade facing in. The desert spoon goes to the right of the knife and the soup spoon on the outside. If you’re placing the desert spoon above the plate then make sure to keep the desert fork right under it with the tines facing right. Or place the desert fork to the immediate left of the plate. The place the entre fork right next to the desert fork and the appetizer or salad fork on the outside. It goes without saying that place the silverware in the order of their use.

Appetizer Plates: Place the salad place on the left next to the salad fork. The bread plate goes above the forks. 

Salt and Pepper: The salt and pepper cellars or grinders should be scattered around the table so that they’re easy to access. 

Now whenever in doubt, make sure to follow a simple rule, LERD, Left Eating, Right Drinking, Outside to Inside which states that place the food on the right side and the drinks on the right side while working your way in. also make sure your dinner table doesn’t end up looking too cluttered. So keep the cutlery, the plates and the glasses well oriented. 

Now that you know the secret to a well arranged dinner table, go ahead; get ready to impress everyone at your next fabulous dinner party.  

Get serving and have a great time!

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