Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tickle Your Funny Bone
Stand up comedy is a type of comedy wherein a comedian performs in front of a Live audience and this is a challenging task since there is no scope for cuts and retakes.
This type of comedy is like a monologue where in a comedian delivers funny one liners, jokes or incidences. The reaction of the audience is instant and that is what boosts up an artist's confidence. While you might not get many chances to buy expensive tickets for stand up comedy shows, you can always go online and check out the stand up comedy section on

Liveinstyle is a lifestyle website that features all the latest buzz on nightlife, travel, charity shows, events of page 3, fashion, parties, drinks, good music and all things good. They have a separate section for stand up comedy because it is a growing trend in Indian entertainment industry and the spirit of stand up comedy is far superior to scripted comedy shows. It takes a lot of courage by a stand up comedian to absorb the initial wave of disinterest and non reaction and to go on to convert it into a laugh riot.

So, do check out the stand up comedy section of liveinstyle and enjoy the wit, expressions, humour and perfect timing of some of the best Stand up comedians of India including: Vir Das, AIB fame Gursimran Lamba, Aditi Mittal, Ashish Shakya, Abish Mathew and many more. Let these awesome set of people tickle your funny bone and give your pent up stress and frustration an outlet to destress.Check out some great blogs on evolution of comedy in India, real life fears and questions that a stand up comedian has to face, best places to visit in India to witness great stand up comedy shows, best internet stand up comedy videos to check out and much more. Liveinstyle encourages stand up comedy because a stand up comedians often have different perspective of life and they have the boldness to share it with a live audience. They have collaborated with youtube to organize a comedy hunt.

Apart from the Stand up comedy section, there is another star section in liveinstyle that features all the latest gossip on celebrity parties and get together and gives many great ideas on do it yourself party projects. If you want to plan a fun weekend then do check out the parties/ nightlife section to check out the latest upcoming events in your city including Sufi nights, Bollywood nights.

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