Monday, September 28, 2015

Saffolalife – Lets Come Together To Protect Her Heart

 Women are indeed the anchor of any family. They are caring mother's, supportive life partners and responsible daughter in laws. When a woman does so much for you and your your family, the least men can do for their better halves are to show them that they are cherished and appreciated.
The care and love for your partner does not always have to be in form of gifts or Romantic dinners. Sometimes, how much you care for her is also depicted by how conscious you are towards maintaining your health and hers. When the vows of marriage are made, both the partners promise to be with each other for a lifetime, right so, it becomes all the more important that you maintain your health.

Obesity is one major health issue that is plaguing the population all over the world. We fail to realize that it is very easy to maintain our weight by sneaking in health into our daily routine routines. So, all couples should plan some fun ways to do some healthy activity each day for just 30 minutes to get back in shape. The first step will to know your ideal weight as per your height and age. Do check out  to get to know what your ideal body weight should be. After that, once to get to know what weight you need to target, get started by, doing the following things:

1) Get up early in morning and go for a brisk walk with your partner. You will get to breathe in some fresh air and also your body gets to indulge in some cardio. Also, you catch up some quality time together. Alternatively, you can join a hobby class like: dancing or aerobics together.

2) Drink green tea daily as contains antioxidants that are cardio protective. Instead of regular tea, ask your wife to prepare a cup of Herbal Green tea for both of you.

3) Cut down your salt intake to reduce water retention in body. More fluid in body means your heart has to work more. Replace the evening snacks with a bowl of fresh fruit and veggie salad without any salad.

4) Use cooking oil with polyunsaturated fatty acids that help in reducing the cholesterol in blood and thus lower the risk of coronary artery blockage.

5) Remind each other for regular health check ups every 6 months so that the health problems are nipped in the bud,

I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda. Friends I request you all to join me to protect your lovely mom, wife, daughter, sister or your loved one.

Stay healthy and Stay fit with Saffolalife.


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