Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Monsoon Fashion Must-Haves

Monsoon Fashion Must Haves

Hi all young hearts!

Let us swing and dwindle in the sprinkling and splashing monsoon which has arrived in its full swing in India. Monsoon has its own color and charm which fascinates me always. I love this rainy season and want to enjoy it to the full brim. So I decided to keep intact the must have options to cope up with the drizzles, water splashes, getting wet and falling ill.

 I am sure that all of you will find my post really helpful to tackle this rainy season through these must have tips given below. For remaining tension free carrying raincoat or umbrella always is perfect as you never know the weather condition. Wearing shoes which have high heels and covered will prove good option to avoid getting wet feet. Wearing synthetic or light material clothes can be dried up easily if it gets wet. Carrying a small towel to rub your head is another very essential tip. Use water proof makeups. 

Drinking hot soup or beverages with tulsi and ginger juice is effective remedy to remain healthy and fit in the rainy weather. Keep your hair dry before moving out. Carry a comb in your bag so that you can brush your hair after rubbing it with towel if it gets wet. Drinking water will make you remain hydrated. 

Just note down the following things which should be included in your must have fashion option in monsoon.

·        Carrying umbrella or raincoat
·        Boots and covered shoes
·        Water proof makeups
·        Avoid leather bags
·        Use sunscreen before moving out
·        Carry towel
·        Carry sanitizer and comb
·        Carry nice floral or fruity smelling perfume
·        Carry water bottle
·        Medicines when travelling

So the above must haves will be very helpful to tackle and cope up with the rainy weather in the monsoon. You will be very comfortable and can enjoy the season if you have all the necessary items with you.



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