Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Gifting Options For Men

Just like women, men deserve some pampering too in form of gifts. While women often like gifts that make them feel cherished like Flowers and jewellery, men often seem to have more liking for gifts that let them indulge. Many men who I know personally would rather love a ticket to a soccer game or a pass to club rather than material gifts. Let us discuss some possible gifting ideas for the men.

Gifts for men are as follow:

#1-  A c.d of his favorite kind of music

Believe me, any man would be highly impressed with you if you somehow figure out his taste in music. Knowing what he likes to hear means that you have a vision into his soul. I say that because music is something that is something that connects to the heart. So ladies, an excellent gift could be a c.d preloaded with his kind of melodies.

#2 Personalize your gifts

I would suggest stay away from anything too mushy. Men are often uncomfortable with an overt display of affection. Stick to gifts that are utility based. Consider something like a dairy, a wallet, a desk organizer, golf merchandise, a pen set or Whiskey glasses. If you can manage to get these things personalized by embossing or engraving with his full name or even his initials, I am sure he will love it. Men often are self sufficient, getting things personalized for them means you have gone out of the way to give their ego, a boost and make them look different from the crowd.

#3 Does your man have a liking for drinks?

Consider gifting him a bottle of scotch yes I mean Scotch as a gift. Scotch is a distilled form of malty Whiskey that originated in Scotland. Gift him a limited edition Scotch set including a bottle of Scotch and glasses. Having a taste for Whiskey, well occasionally , of course is an indulgence, most men enjoy. So, let your man and his buddies enjoy a booze party over a bottle or two of scotch. If you man likes Scotch, he probably has some class! For most scotch lovers, are very chivalrous and he would really appreciate you bringing him, his favourite drink.

Scotch is a good boost to his sense of manhood since it is associated with Aristocracy, tradition, history and a class apart. Well, scotch is a really expensive and overtly potent drink, too. These things set it apart from regular alcoholic drinks.

#4-  Cook him his favorite meal

Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you cook for him and cook well, he will hold you close to his heart for a lifetime. That is for sure since, for any long term relationship, men do consider certain basic home maker qualities in their prospective partners.

#5- Power Bank

If your man keeps running out of his cell phone battery, get him a power bank and install it in his car. He would be thankful to you if he runs out if cell phone battery on the go! You, too will be saved from unnecessary stress.

Thus these are some of the gifts for him which you can consider. Do let me know if you have any gift idea your side.

Note: This post is ment for audience above 25yesrs


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