Monday, November 2, 2015

15 Different Types of Chakli Recipes For This Diwali - 2015

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In few days diwali is there. Diwali will be on 11th November. From many days we start making delicious eatables. Chakli is one of the basic snacks which is served during diwali. Many of you would be making simple chakli every year right? 

This Diwali you try making several types of chakli. I am sure you will love making chakli this diwali.

15 types of delicious chakli this diwali are as follow:
1. Whole wheat flour chakli

whole wheat chakli
This Chakli is made from whole wheat flour and its fried snacks which you can make this diwali. Before making this chakli do steam the flour in pressure cooker so that your chakli will be light and 
crispy. You can use sesame seeds and chili powder to give nice nutty flavor and to make it spicy too.

2. Rice flour chakli '
rice flour chakli
This chakli is made from rice flour and is little light in color. You can use white butter or normal Amul butter to give nice flavor. 

3.Ajwain and Heeng Chakli

ajwain heeng chakli
This delicious chakli is made from wonderful ingredients Ajwain and Heeng. These 2 ingredients can be added to any flour and is very healthy too. Ajwain helps to cut oil from body and heeng helps in good digestion. It even tastes very nice.

4.Avacado Peas Chakli 

avocado chakli

It’s very unique and less heard chakli. It’s made from Avacado and Peas. Instead of butter you can use avocado to give twist to your year old chakli recipe.

 5.Bajra Chakli 

bajra chakli
This chakli is made from bajra and is flavoured with Kalonji. You can mix wheat flour to make chakli more delicious.

6. Ragi or Nachni Chakli

Ragi Chakli

This chakli is made from Ragi. It’s very nutritious and is very good for diabetic peoples. Even butter is used less while making this chakli.

7. Baked Chakli

baked chakli

This chakli is very simple to make and tastes delicious. It’s perfect chakli for weight watchers. It contains only 1 tsp of oil and is baked in oven.

8.  Butter chakli

butter chakli

It’s very simple and has buttery flavoured chakli. It’s famous chakli from south India. I had eaten this chakli many times by my mom made delicious butter chakli or murukku.

9. Spinach Chakli
spinach chakli

This chakli is made from palak or spinach and is green in color. Palak contains iron. Thus it’s very healthy for you and your family. Give a try this diwali.

10. Potato Chakli
potato chakli

This chakli is made from massed potatoes and less butter is used while making chakli. Its potato and riceflour or maida combined chakli.

11. Maida Chakli

This chakli is made from maida or refined flour and tastes delicious too. Its majorly made in Gujarat.

12. Moong dal Chakli
moong dal chakli

This delicious chakli is made from moong dal and rice flour. 

13. Methi Chakli
methi chakli

This chakli is made from methi seeds or leaves added to rice flour. It tastes delicious and have little sour taste.

14. Poha chakli
poha chakli

It’s another less made and known chakli. It’s made from poha and rice flour. It’s instant recipe.

15. Rava chakli
rava chakli

This chakli is made from rava and its very delicious and crispy too.

If you need recipe do comment below. will share with you all soon.


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