Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Favorite City In India - Mumbai
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Our country India is beautiful in its vastness and its glory holds more in the way it contains the variety of cultures, traditions, people, languages, difference of opinions and what not. Yet it apparently has everything balanced out, so much for its dignity and serenity. Every individual here happens to have its favorite city in India, where maybe they have grown up or where they were just a tourist or maybe where they haven’t been to but still know that it is their most cherished place. 

So leading that thought forward I would like to let you all know that my favorite city out of all other cities in India is Mumbai also formerly known as Bombay. My beloved city, which has its grand designs and layout since the time of its British development says a lot about its luxurious architectures and visiting places like Gateway of India, the famous CST (Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus), the beautiful suburbs and highways.  This is the place where I have grown up, where I have known so much happens every second of the day, where you just can’t get enough of it but know that this city will always welcome everyone and anyone who would like to reside in Mumbai.

Mumbai, such a joyful and happening word to the ears and what an attractive piece to the eyes is the commercial hub of India giving everyone something.  Now in terms of its connectivity to other parts of India you don’t really need to suffer at all, why? Because the hustling but yet lovely roads connect almost every corner of India to Mumbai. You can board a train or choose for a road trip with your mates or simply get on a local to enjoy the localities of Mumbai. The nearest connectivity from Mumbai is Goa, Pune, Nasik, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and a part of South. Mumbai also provides you carefree rides on ships.
View of Arabian Sea - Mumbai
When you talk about the locals/people of Mumbai, you should know the drive out here is all friendly feels and so welcoming, and even if at some places you think it’s not, you got to play a cool traveler then. People here will first let you know that you ought to know Marathi and if you don’t you might just have to learn. But aside from all of this, Mumbaikars (which contains humans from all over the world) are one of its kinds and will never disappoint you with whatever required hospitality.  Hearing about Mumbai’s night life and experiencing that in reality are two different things, it indicates the importance of knowing every so called ‘status’ in Mumbai but in a chilling way. It is easy to follow the daily routine out here and experiencing local trains gives you a major lesson in your life, no matter what. You get to see the daily struggles and management of chaotic Mumbai. The street food or eating outlets are ‘Grab-and-go’ types, so you don’t need to worry about etiquettes of eating peacefully. It offers you the best safe locations as a night wanderer which for me is a great thing (if you know what I mean).
Shoe house at Hanging Garden - Mumbai
So that was some briefing for you all as to How and Why Mumbai is on the top of my list of FAVORITE City in India.


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