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How To Make Kheer Using Sugar-Free Natura in Induction?

Kheer Using Sugar Free Natura
Heya Friends,

Those who all are reading this recipe would surely have a craving for sweets,  Even I have sweet tooth and when my mommy keep sweets in front of me it’s very hard to control. As I love to stay fit thus I try to avoid eating sweets.. But sometimes I eat quietly :p. As its said if you look good, world will ask you or no one even bother what you do.

Even my father in law and Mom in law are diabetic thus I need to take extra care. Since long time my family is using only sugar free for tea or for anything else instead of sugar.
Today I will share easy and must try recipe – Kheer using Sugar Free Natura.

Kheer Using Sugar-Free Natura in Induction

kheer sugar free natura
Serve: for 3


Milk – half litre
Rice – cooked 1 small bowl
Dry fruits – Almonds, Cashew Nuts and Pista chopped
Saffron – 1 pinch
Sugar Free Natura – As per taste

How to make?

Milk for kheer
Take half litre of milk and boil it.
Once milk is boiled, add 1 small cup of cooked rice.
On your induction and keep function as curry.
Keep stirring milk at point of 400. After every 3 to 4 minutes, increase point of induction to 800 or 1200.
Milk need to be reduced to half or two third (2/3) so that milk will be thick.

Now add dry fruits and keep stirring it again for 5 minutes so that dry fruits are soft.
Finally when your dessert is hot add Sugar Free Natura as per your taste. I used 8 tablets of Sugar free natura.
Now turn off your induction and add few leaves of saffron. 
Let your kheer cool down and then place it in fridge.
Kheer tastes best when served chilled.

I hope you all loved reading this easy recipe, Do try today. If you have any question then let me know.


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