Monday, June 16, 2014

Daily Care for Dark Skin Tone

Daily care for dark skin tone
Daily care for dark skin tone

People think that black skin is always oily, but actually it’s not true. The main reason for a black skin is the production of melanin under your skin which is very high. So dark skin or black skin really requires special care. Many skincare products are available in the market but you need to choose the right one for you.

Dark skin requires regular and proper cleansing because if the layer of dirt is not being removed then it starts damaging the skin and makes it much dark.

Face-Gel or Cream:   
Try using a face-gel or an oil free cream which has aloe-Vera. If buying a moisturizers, then go for a moisturizer which contains vitamin C. 

Using of sunscreen lotions or sunblocks are helpful in protecting the skin from sun rays. So, before stepping out of your house in the sunlight, put on your sunscreen lotion or moisturizer. For dark skin or black skin, use the creams with an SPF15 to SPF30 only.

Always buy products for makeup which matches your skin-tone. Do not use light shades of compact. Avoid oil-based make-up. A wide range of water-based makeup is available in the market.

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