Sunday, June 15, 2014

12 Best Health Benefits of Banana You Didn't Know About

Health Benefits of Banana
Your Mom wasn’t kidding when she said Bananas are good for health. Banana are super-healthy in nature. But you might only have heard about the Iron connection of banana. But that’s just the common fact which people know. Yes, bananas are very rich in iron but that is not the only health benefit of it.

Health Benefits of Banana

In this post, I am going to share the other important health benefits associated with banana. Read on to know them.

1-Bananas are super energy providers.
2-Rich in potassium which helps maintain proper water balance in our body.
3-Rich in soluble fiber which help in stopping constipation.
4-Bananas are great mood regulators, therefore increases happiness.
5-Helps in quitting smoking.
6-Increases brain power.
7-Regulates blood glucose levels which helps in suppressing cranky moods.
8-Fights depression.
9-Helps in attaining flat belly.
10-Reduces stroke risks.
11-Helps prevent ulcers.
12-Ease hangovers.

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