Sunday, June 15, 2014

11 Best Health Benefits of Raw Tomato

Health Benefits of Raw Tomato
Tomato is the most commonly used vegetable. We love tomato for its tangy and unique taste. It adds a special flavor to our food when added. Even raw tomatoes are good to eat.
Whether be salads, curriesor vegetables. tomatoes can be added to anything you want. But tomatoes are not only loved for their flavors and taste, but they are also loved for the health benefits they provide to us.

Amazing benefits of tomatoes

So, in this post I am going to share the best health benefits associated with tomatoes.

1- A low-calorie vegetable
2- Rich source of vitamin C
3- A fat-free vegetable
4- Promotes weight loss
5- Help in lowering the blood pressure
6- Rich in beta-carotine which makes your skin look beautiful and supple
7- Helps in regulating blood sugar
8- Lycopene content in it makes it a natural cancer fighter
9- Vitamin A in tomatoes help in making your hair shiny and strong
10- Help prevents nigh blindness
11- Improves vision

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