Sunday, June 15, 2014

4 Major Health Risks of Snoring You Must Know

Health Risks of Snoring
You may think of snoring as a sometimes annoying or embarrassing side effect of sleep. But do you know, this sleep disorder is related to a host of health problems, from depression to heart disease. You think I am kidding?
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Here are the 4 health risks of SNORING:

Excess Weight-

This is because of the extra weight that gathers around the neck, which makes it harder to breathe properly at night. The good news is that losing weight tends to improve the various symptoms related to sleep disorders.


According to a recently study, people who were habitual snorers, use to have frequent morning headaches and sleep disorders including sleep apnea and insomnia.


If snoring or sleep apnea is leaving you exhausted, you are prone to the risk of falling asleep while driving. A recent research proved that the sleepier people felt during the day, the higher is their risk for a car accident.

Heart Disease or Stroke-

People with long-term snoring or sleep apnea perhaps, develop an arrhythmia or irregular heart rhythm.

Don't take snoring lightly. Now you know, how snoring can be dangerous for you. Start taking pills or Talk to a doctor or wearing a snoring-band to avoid it.

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