Saturday, June 7, 2014

How to make eye makeup remover at home?

Eye makeup remover
Most delicate and expressive part of the face is eyes. Many times eye makeup remover bought from store cause wrinkles and dry skin due to harmful chemicals. Home made products are made from natural ingredient present in your kitchen. Home made products contains good amount of moisturizer which is good for sensitive skin around eyes.

Oil based eye makeup remover

In small bowl pour olive oil and canola each 1tbsp. mixes them nicely. Dab a cotton pad in solution and wipe it around eyes to remove your eye makeup.

In small bowl pour Jojoba oil and meadowfoam oil 2 tbsp each. And mix them well. Dip a cotton ball into mixture and wipe carefully around your eye area.

Coconut oil 2 tbsp and sesame oil 2 tbsp and mix them well with your figure. Apply this solution on your eyelashes and eyelids. Carefully and gently wipe away eye makeup with cotton pad.

Cream based eye makeup remover

In small bowl place ½ tbsp borax and in that add 2 tbsp distilled water. Stir nicely and make sure that borax dissolves. Apply this eye makeup remover around eyes.

Take1 oz beeswax and heat nicely in double boiler and add 1/3 cup almond oil. Stir nicely till beeswax melts completely. Into beeswax mixtures slowly and add borax solution. Beat them well with hand blender.

Remove mixture from heat and beat till mixture turn thick. You can store this cream in refrigerator in glass jar and close lid tightly.

Before going to bed, take your cold cream and apply around your eyes and massage it gently with finger tips. With cotton ball wipe cold cream. Wash your face nicely with good face wash.

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