Saturday, June 7, 2014

5 Healthy Foods to Boost Your Brain Health

Food for healthy brain
Brain is most important part of our body. All major functions performed by our body is controlled by our brain. Correct functioning of brain is very important for happy and successful life. Though because of its lifestyles, complexity and various other factors influence the performance of brain.

Food is the major factors that influence the brain a lot. These foods not only influence the brain function but will also prevent major brain diseases. Daily you must consume healthy brain food to provide energy and essentials nutrients to brain.

Here are top brain foods which will help you in boosting the brain and to sustain its proper functioning.

Oily fish

Oil fish is very important to our brain and nervous system. These fish contain healthy omega 3 fatty acids that help in proper brain function. They help to improve proper communication between brain cells and this leads to better functioning of overall brain.

Hot Chili Peppers

Yes you heard right! Hot chili peppers are really good for brain. These chilies are enriched with goodness of vitamin c which is very essential for our brain. It not only promotes healthy brain but also improves its functioning.


Red juicy tomatoes are very important and essential vegetable of our Indian foods. Very few people know that they play important role in preventing brain disease. They contain antioxidant like lycopene which helps to destroy free radicals from body. Tomatoes are good for healthy brain and act as shield for brain diseases like Alzheimer.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are good for brain too. They contain lots of zinc which helps in boosting the memory. This helps to maintain overall health of our brain. Pumpkin seeds provide energy to brain. You can take handful of these seeds and eat throughout the day to keep your brain healthy and Sharpe.


Broccoli is food that is very important for our brain. Broccoli is enriched by Vitamin K and C even contains antioxidants that are very essential for brains health. Vitamin k helps in proper functioning of brain. Broccoli helps in preventing age related dementia.

Consume these foods and see you will get good change in your brain and will surely make your brain healthy and fit.

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