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How to Lose Weight Permanently?

Lose Weight Permanently
It’s very easy to reduce weight. But to reduce your weight permanently, that’s really tough job. Many times different types of weight loss techniques we opt are temporary in nature. Temporary weight loss is not just because of wrong method we use but is just because of things we forget to maintain weight loss. In order to keep those bad fats off permanently, you need to incorporate some behaviors which are healthy in your daily regime and try to make those regimes permanent in your daily life.

Here are tips to lose weight permanently and to maintain it. But make sure you make those tips permanent part in your beautiful life.

Exercise daily

At least for 30 to 60 minutes exercises daily. If you don’t have much time then you can exercises many times throughout the day. E.g. you can exercise 3 times in a day for 10 minutes if spending 30 minutes in exercises is not possible.

Healthy Fruits and Vegetables

Try to eat as much as fruits and vegetables you can. You can start your day with strawberries and bananas toped on your cereals. At berries or peaches in yogurt or cottage cheese. You can eat you sandwich containing peppers, lettuce, cucumber, tomato and onion.

Be active

Having a active and healthy lifestyle is one of the important reason to encourage weight loss and to maintain fitness. You can ride a bicycle or take a walk daily. If not possible try to play indoor sports like karate, tennis, Pilates or you can dance when you are free.

Never skip meal

If you skip meal than your hunger will increase and this will result in consumption of excess food. You must consume healthy food at least 3 times a day. Try to avoid eating high calorie and high fat foods.

Eat at home

I know many of love to eat in food joints and restaurants but if you want to lose weight permanently than try to avoid restaurants and food joints. Try to make something yummy and delicious but healthy food at your home sweet home. By doing this you can maintain your fitness.


Do you know walking is important activity if you lose weight permanently? Walk for at least 15 minutes daily after your meals and try to go for walk daily morning. If an hour walk is not possible than walk for shorter period of 10 minutes.

Portion controlling

Do eat your meal in portion. Try to eat slightly less food than what you eat. If you feel very much hungry than take more food or else try to control over your food. E.g. if you eat 3 breads in your meal than try to eat 2 breads daily.

Isn’t it these tips are very easy? If yes than follow them from today and lose weight permanently.

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