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Luxury Hotels and Restaurants in Paris

Luxury Hotels and Restaurants in Paris
So, you have made up your mind to visit Paris for this holiday. Not all package tour companies provide you accommodation. It is important that you know about the best hotels and restaurants of that place, to which you are going.
Therefore, In this post, I am going to share the top luxurious hotels and restaurants in Paris.

Read on and Enjoy!!

4 Luxurious hotels in Paris:

Hotel Lutetia
The hotel is a modern-day reflection of the 'Bella Epoque' and Art Deco periods- the embodiment of contemporary, stylish Parisian living.

Hotel du Louvre
The buzzing brasserie looks across to the Comedie Francaise and the Louvre Museum with a terrace that sits on the Place de Palais Royal

Le Burgundy
This new, 5-star Parisian hotel has 59-rooms and is a new jewel in the art of living.

Within the sight of the Arc De triomphe, near the Champs Elysees Avenue and the elegant Foch Avenue in the heart of the city, the hotel is a blend of opulence and discretion

4 Best Restaurants in Paris:

Le Meurice
For a grand-slam experience of Gallic gastronomic grandeur go to the dining room at the Hotel Meurice.

L' Astrance
A meal at Pascal's Barbot's restaurant on a cobbled side street in the 16th arrondissement is well worth persistence.

Atelier Maitre Albert
This classy Guy Savoy offshoot with an outsized fireplace specializes in roasted food.

L' Ambassade d'Auvergne
The speciality here is the rustic food of central France.

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