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Ways to Stop Hair Fall Naturally

Ways to Stop Hair Fall Naturally
Hairs are about 97% Protein. Without it, you hair starts to fall and become weak, dry and brittle. There are few ways through which you can strengthen your hair. The most important way to fight hair fall and stop it, is by including food that is rich in protein in your daily diet. Food like eggs, pules, fish and low-fat dairy products are good for hair.
Read on to find what else you need in order to stop hair fall naturally.

Iron: Iron is very important as it helps the cells to carry oxygen to our hair follicles. Therefore lack of iron is also a major cause of hair loss. You can increase your iron stores with food items like chicken, beef, green leafy veg, fish, egg, pork, prunes, apricot, pulses etc.

Vital vitamin: Vitamin A helps in protecting and producing the oils that sustain our scalp. Being low on vitamin A can even leave you with irksome dandruff and itchy scalp. Tomatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, mangoes, papaya,  green leafy veg are good sources of it that are very important for healthy hair.

Vitamin B: Lack of B Vitamins can provoke undernourishment of hair-follicle cells. Good sources of it include milk, products made from milk, whole grains, potato, pulses, yeast, peas, nuts and green leafy veg.

Calcium: Calcium is a very important. Low-fat dairy products are wonderful sources of calcium, which is an important mineral for hair growth.

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