Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How To Use Toothpaste To Remove Blackheads

Toothpaste Pack To Clean Blackheads
We use different face washes and scrubs to keep are skin fresh and clean. We don’t want to have those yeuuh  black heads. Well it doesn’t matter if we want or not, they appear when they want. (HUH)

I always end up with rashes whenever I had tried to remove black heads with scrubs. One day I tried a homemade scrub to get rid of these black heads around my nose. And guess what I end up with a clean face without any rashes. 

Want to know that recipe. Then check it out here. 


Ice Cubes


Squeeze out ¼ cup of tooth paste in a plate or bowl.

Try to use mint toothpaste.

Add 1 table spoon of white salt in it.

Mix them to get a scrub like consistency.

Massage with this paste for few minutes round your black heads. Don’t forget to close your opened pores with ice cubes once you are done with paste. Rub the ice cubes around your nose.

Mint helps you to open your pores and it simply removes the dirt. 

If you find some redness after using I don’t worry it won’t develop into rashes. The redness will go in some time.

image source - thefitindian.com


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