Sunday, June 15, 2014

Why Do You Get Dark Circles Under Your Eyes ?

Dark Circles Under Your Eyes
You Get Dark Circles Under Your Eyes
You blame dark circles for exhaustion, lack of sleep or gazing the pc screen for hours. however the reality goes deeper than what you know!! There are many other reasons why you get dark circles!! Let us now discuss the various reasons for dark circles. And knowing the correct reasons would surely help you to get rid of those dark bags under your eyes in a much better way.
Common reasons for dark circles:

Aging - The skin below the eyes is skinny and delicate to start with. As we tend to get older, skin round the eyes becomes thinner creating blood vessels a lot of outstanding, causing dark circles.

Genetics – Hereditary and genetic science can even play an enormous role within the development and dominance of dark circles round the eyes.

Nutritional deficiency – Dark circles under the eyes are often because of poor nutrition. A healthy and nourishing diet full of vitamins like A, C, K, E and nutrients will facilitate to induce rid of dark circles.

Sleep deprivation and tiredness - A lack of sleep and excessive tiredness ends up in pale skin, creating blood below the skin become a lot of visible resulting into dark circles.

Smoking and drinking – Late night parties, smoking and drinking are one of the major reasons  for dark circles.

Sun exposure – Exaggerated exposure to the sun will draw pigmentation on the skin’s surface resulting dark circles. Long sun exposure produces a lot of melanin around eyes than usual, giving them a darker color.

Allergies – Any condition that causes the eyes to itch could contribute to darker circles. Even some food allergies can even cause the area below the eyes to look darker.

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