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5 DIY Hair Care Tips

 5 DIY hair recipes
Each and each hair want take care of good growth and to prevent all hair issues like hair fall, dandruff, split end, hairloss etc. to treat with these problem nowadays i'll share five wonderful hair recipes that you'll be able to do at home.

Read on top five hair recipes:
  • Curry leaves and coconut tonic
We use curry leaves in food and coconut in food and that they taste specialized. does one know? really it\'s marvelous for hair growth too! thus expertise the simplest ancient Indian hair growth treatment yourself.

Curry leaves – one stick
Coconut oil - one cup
Pan – to boil

Take pan in this add coconut oil and curry leaves. Boil the oil for five minutes till black residue begin forming. Let the oil settle down. Once cooled apply it to your hair. For quicker hair growth and to fight with grey hair use this oil double every week.

Note: you don’t need to fry the curry leaves, simply boil them until black remains starts forming.

How usually got to use: Use this oil double every week.

Where to buy: you\'ll be able to realize copra oil at chemist, grocery store or grocery stores. Even you\'ll be able to search on-line. I bought Parachute pure 100 percent copra oil for Rupees 332 from on-line web site  . you\'ll be able to get contemporary curry leaves at grocery stores or with vegetable vendors terribly simply.

  • Castor Oil treatment
Second hair direction is physic treatment. This treatment is extremely useful for growth of your hair. you\'ll be able to conjointly use physic for luscious and thick eyebrows and eyelashes. you\'ll be able to add this oil to sweet almond oil or combine together with your conditioner to push healthy hair growth. If you\'re handling serious hair issues like cutting of hair, receding hairline or bald spots than this oil is extremely useful for your hair.


Castor oil
Shower cap or silk scarf
Mild Shampoo

Take few drops of physic on your palm and apply it to your scalp nicely and massage it for five minutes. cowl your oily hair with cap or a silk scarf and leave it for long. Next morning shampoo your hair. 

How often: Weekly treatment or double every week.

Where to buy: physic is definitely offered with retailers, drugstores. you\'ll be able to obtain physic on-line at the oil is thought as Deve herbes pure physic – castor-oil plant for Rupees 195.
hair care tips

  •  Apple Vinegar
Use of Apple Vinegar to your hair can build your hair thick, stronger, shiner and fewer vulnerable to breakage. Apple Vinegar is acidic in nature and helps to revive pH scale worth.


Apple Vinegar – fifty cc
Water – one hundred cc
Olive oil

Take fifty cc of apple vinegar and blend it with one hundred cc water and add few drops of oil. combine this answer nicely. This answer ought to be in quantitative relation of 1:2. Apply this answer to your hair and keep it for five minutes. when five minutes that wash your hairs with shampoo.

How usually to be used: one to two times every week.

Where to buy: you\'ll be able to it simply with retail merchant, store or grocery. you\'ll be able to order on-line at for Rupees a hundred forty five.

  • Olive oil and ingredient mask
Egg yolk is made in vitamins, proteins and fatty acids that facilitate to create your hair softer, softer and healthier and promote hair growth. oil is good for hair softening and strengthening and is sweet for broken and dry hair.

2 egg yolk
2 tbsp of oil
Half cup water

Take two egg yolks and blend it with two tbsp of oil so dilute the answer in 0.5 cup of water. With this answer massage your hair and build apply it as a mask in your scalp. Keep this mask on your hairs for fifteen to twenty minutes and once dried wash your hair with gentle shampoo.

How usually to use: one to two times a month.

Where to buy: close native grocery.

  • Banana Mask
Banana is sweet supply of vitamin A, C and E and atomic number 19 that is good hair direction for hair growth. If banana mask applied weekly then can assist you to grow hair quicker.

Ripe banana
Shower cap

Take one ripe banana and mash it nicely, apply mashed banana to your hair and canopy it with cap or with hot towel for twenty minutes. when twenty minutes, wash your hair with shampoo. you\'ll be able to add sweet almond oil or oil to the present mask for creating it a lot of aliment.

How usually to use: once every week.

Where to buy: fruit marketer or grocery.

We hope you enjoyed reading these posts. These were top five hair direction that you'll be able to couple by yourself.

If you recognize another hair direction do share with us.

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