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Amazing Beauty Recipe of Ubtan for Skin

Beauty Recipe of Ubtan for Skin
Every women and every girl craves for a perfectly fair and flawless complexion. We used to spend money on purchasing fairness creams and serums, but we often ignore some really simple and easy home remedies which can do wonders to the skin. One such age old and natural and remedy for fair complexion is Ubtan. It is the legacy of our rich Indian heritage. It is a very age old and traditional method to get a glowing and fair skin. It is the most trusted and tested method for treating your skin which works like a miracle.

Ubtan not helps in giving you a fairer complexion, but it also helps to fight other skin problems like pimples, blackheads, acne, whiteheads and skin tanning. All ingredients used to make Ubtan are organic and natural, and therefore, it does not have any harmful side effect and suits all types of skins.

Though readymade Ubtan powders are available in market but it is better to prepare it in front of your eyes and then use it.

Ubtan can be used in various ways to attain that desired fair complexion and flawless skin. The top 5 trusted recipes to use Ubtan to get rid of the dark and patchy complexion are as follows:

Simple Ubtan Face Wash

The simplest way to use Ubtan is to use it as a face wash while taking bath. Take sandalwood powder – 1tbsp, besan(GramFlour) – 2 tbsp, turmeric – ½ tbsp and milk – 2 tbsp. Mix it together and make a rich paste. Use it as a face wash while you bathe everyday. You will be able to see visible results in just 2 to 3 days.

Ubtan Face Scrub
This method is not only used for getting a fairer complexion but it also helps to get rid of whiteheads, acne and blackheads. A bride can use this method daily, starting for 30 days before her marriage in order to get a naturally supple, fair and beautiful skin. Take chickpea flour – 3 tbsp, neem powder – 1 tbsp, sandalwood powder – 2 tbsp, ground cucumber – 2 tbsp, turmeric powder - ¼ tbsp. Mix it together. Rub this ubtan on your face with gentle circular motion for at least 15 minutes. Wash it off using warm water properly. 

Use it 15 minutes before going to bath daily. 

Beauty Recipe of Ubtan for Skin

Ubtan for deep moisturizing 

Along with its skin lightening effect, this Ubtan recipe is a very brilliant solution for deep moisturizing the skin. Take 6-7 blanched almonds with their skin removed and ½ cup of fresh cream. Soak the almonds in a cream overnight. Next morning take sesame oil – 2 tbsp and tulsi powder – 1 tbsp. 

Now combine all these things together in a food processor. For 1 minutes process them. Make a fine paste, keep them aside. Use this paste daily as a moisturizer. Rub it on your face gentle for a minute or two daily before going to bath.

Excellent Ubtan face mask for daily use
This is one of the most commonly made and used Ubtan recipes. Take 125gm Besan, wheat flour – 125 gm, turmeric powder – 12 gm, sandal powder – 12 gm, Keenu Jhilkon powder – 55 gm. Mix it together and preserve it in a container. Take rose water, some water or milk along with this 1 tbsp mixture. 

Apply it as a face mask daily for 5 minutes. Wash it using lukewarm water. 

You will see excellent results in just two weeks.

Ubtan for tan removal and dark patches

This is the best Ubtan recipe if you wish to get rid of dark and patchy complexion and your skin is sun-tanned. Take 4 bread slices and make their bread crumbs, besan – 2 tbsp, wheat flour – 2 tbsp, lemon juice – 2 tbsp, cucumber juice – 2 tbsp, potato juice – 2 tbsp, turmeric – 1 pinch and milk cream – 2 tbsp. Mix everything all together to form a paste. Mix it well using a spoon till 3-5 minutes. Rub it on your face in circular motion using your fingertips. Rub it till the paste gets dried up and it turns into powder. Now wash it off using lukewarm water properly. You will get visible results in a month if you do this at least once in a week. 

Ubtan no doubt is a wonder. Ingredients are also natural and easily available in market. So now you are aware of the easiest way to get fair skin. I am surely going to include Ubtan in my daily beauty regime is it of yours too?
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