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Reduce Your Weight By Avoiding Fruit ! Know How

Avoid Fruits & Loose Weight
Fruits are considered to have a magical health aura today. They are very nutritious and good for our health. But what if I say you need to avoid eating fruits if you really need to lose weight? This may sound funny or crazy to you, but it’s a truth. Fruits are packed with lots of sugar in it. It is 10% by weight. Whether you taste an orange or a grape, it is sweet in taste. This is because of its sugar content.

Sugar content in fruits tends to shut down fat burning in our body. Approximately 5 servings of fruit in a day are equal to the amount of sugar in 500ml of soda. When sugar shuts down the fat burning process in our body, the hunger is increased and the process of weight loss is hindered.

If you are dieting for weight loss, it is very important that you avoid high-fat, high-sugar and high nutrients fruits whic have lots of calories. For eg. an apple has 72 cal. , a banana has 105 cal. and an orange has 64 cal. According to USDA Nutrient Database, they have less than 1 gm of fat and about 13 gms of sugar per serving. So, it is better to avoid these options if you are willing to lose some weight.

Some fruits which you should avoid while you are dieting are as follows:


Many people don’t consider coconut as a fruit. But the fact is that it a fruit of coconut palm tree and not a botanical nut. The flesh of coconut is usually dried and sweetened. Though it is high in its sugar content, it is also high in fat and calories. According to USDA, 1 cup of coconut has 466 calories and 33gms of fat. You really need to avoid the consumption of coconut if you are willing to loose some weight.


Usually people categorize Avocado as a vegetable. But in real, avocado is a high-fat fruit. Eating a half avocado will give you 141 calories and 26 gms of fat. This is the fact why USDA recommends only 1/6 of this fruit to eat, if you do not want to gain some extra pounds.

Sweetened Canned and Frozen Fruit:

Processed fruits have extra calories and sugar that are not good for your dieting regime and weight loss program. American Diabetes Association (A.D.A) strictly suggests avoiding eating fruits that are packed with heavy syrup. This also includes frozen sweetened strawberries which contain 245 cal. while 1 cup of fresh unsweetened strawberries has only 53 cal. Canned pears are packed with 197 cal. , which is surely not good, if you wanna lose weight.

Dried Fruit:

Dates is one of the common form of dried fruit, can be a bad choice when you want to lose weight. A cup of dried dates has 502 cal. and 113 gms. of sugar. Not only dates, but Raisins also needs to be avoided. They are also amongst the high-calorie fruits. A quarter-cup of raisins contains 109 calories. You need to avoid eating this during weight loss.

So these were some of the most common fruits that really need to be avoided if you want to shed your extra pounds. It is advised that you consult a USDA nutrition chart of a fruit before eating. If the fruit is high in fat, sugar and calorie content, you should avoid eating it if you really wish to loose weight. Most of the sweet fruits like grapes, orange, carrot, sweet corn etc. also should be avoided while dieting as sugar content in them hinder the weight loss process in your body. I hope you find this information useful. Do share your views on this. 

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