Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How Running can be made more fun

How Running can be made more fun
If you running through a new park, it is possible that you enjoy running while gazing the green and fresh scenery, but the situation is just not same when you go running for the 25th time. The boring same routine can be beyond boring and it is possible that you may lose interest in this activity too.  It is important that you try new and exciting activities with running, so that running could become more fun filled and you do not lose your interest in it.

Here are some tips which can make your Running regime for fun:

Start your routine with a Warm Up. Take a light walk while you enter the park. Try looking around and enjoy the greenery.

Go for a trail jogging. Try taking a full round. If possible, change your path regularly. Do it for 6-8 mins.

Next is to tone your legs. Search for a bench. Put your right leg on it and using your leg muscles try to lift your body up off the ground. Push it again and again and try to engage your abs. Repeat the same process for left leg also. Do it for 10 times before switching from one leg to second.

Run for 5-7 minutes again.

It is fun to listen your favorite fast sound tracks, while running. So don’t forget to take your Mp3 player or I.pod with you. And also don’t forget to update your playlist regularly.

Now again look for a bench. Place your hands on that bench, go for 15-20 good push-ups. 

Now run for minimum 10 minutes.

It is important to carry a juice bottle or a water bottle with you.

Look for a good companion. He or she can be your neighbor, friend, colleague or just a work-out-friend. It's good to have a company while running in park. 

Try to maintain the speed of your running. Over-speeding can be dangerous and can make you exhausted. 

Everyone loves to run straight but try going few steps backward or just turn around and start running on the other way. 

It is good to change your track atleast once in a week. Try to go to nearby school running track or some other park. 

After running for atleast 30-40 minutes, stop for a while and take a deep breath. Aim for a goal which could be approximately 1 mile away from the point you are starting. 

Ending your running routine with this fast run is really full of fun. You end up smiling. 

If you take running as your regular duty you will surely not find it fun, after all who loves going to the school especially early morning, But if you take running as your favorite activity, your hobby you will surely love spending this me-time every morning with full zest and zeal.

Girls, it is totally up to you how you make your way. Adding your favorite activities and mixing them with a little work-out can make your running more fun. Once you enjoy your running regime, I am sure every night you’ll fall asleep, eagerly waiting for the next morning, so that you can go running again.  
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