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Top 10 Tinted lip balms in India

Top 10 Tinted lip balms
Lip balm is that one important lip care product which every girl must have in her makeup set. Lip balm is more of a necessity now than just a make-up product, and why not? Lip balm cares for your lips, makes them look beautiful healthy and prevents them from getting chapped. Though market is full of so many types of lip balms, but tinted lip balms are our all time favorite. In today’s post, I will be discussing the top 10 tinted lip balms available in India.

Tinted lip balms, top 10 in India:

Maybelline baby lips

Top 10 Tinted lip balms

Maybelline baby-lips is one of the most loved and popular tinted lip balm in India. It can give up to six hours of hydration to your lips, making them look shiny and beautiful  . It is made using exclusive lip renew formula SPF 20, which moisturizes and protects  your lips. Now, say bye to your cracked and chapped lips with Maybelline baby lips. 

Nivea fruity shine lip balm

Top 10 Tinted lip balms

Next is a wonderful lip balm from Nivea. This fruity lip balm is quite addictive. Its fruity smell and shimmering effect on the lips, makes you to apply it again and again. It moisturizes your lips for a long time making them look pretty, smooth, supple and beautiful. 

MAC tinted lip conditioner

Top 10 Tinted lip balms

MAC products are always fabulous, and so is this lip balm from MAC. This lip balm contains SPF 15 which moistures and conditions lips from inside. It contains wheat germ oil, almond oil, shea butter, vitamin A, vitamin E and avocado extracts which make your lips more shiny and healthy.

The body shop born lippy lip balm
Top 10 Tinted lip balms

This lip balm is yet another lovely and effective lip balm on my list of top 10 tinted lip balms. It gives a pop of color with fruity type shine. It prevents your lips from getting cracked and chapped and keeps them moisturized for a long time.

Vaseline lip therapy Rosy lips

Top 10 Tinted lip balms

Vaseline lip therapy contains SPF 15 which protects dry and chapped lips. It contains rose oil, Pro-vitamin E,  and almond oil which enhances the natural glow of lips making them healthier and shinier. 

NYX color lip balms

Top 10 Tinted lip balms

If you want a tinted shade on your lip along with hydration, NYX color lip balm will be a perfect option for you. This wonderful lip balm not only provides shine and sheen to your lips, but also keeps them moisturized and hydrated for a long time.
Maybelline lip smooth color bloom lip balm

Top 10 Tinted lip balms

If you are looking for a tinted lip balm which is better and long lasting, in terms of colors then this is a perfect option for you. Maybelline offers this lip balm in two shades- peach and pink which provides a very girly and trendy shade on to your lips. 

Himalaya herbals shine lip balm

Top 10 Tinted lip balms

This lip balm gives you soft, supple and shiny lips. It is free from all kind of preservatives and contains apricot kernel oil and vegetable oils which makes your lips healthier and conditioned. It prevents your lips from getting dry, cracked and chapped.

LipIce sheer color

Top 10 Tinted lip balms

LipIce is a lovely balm which gives a soft pink tint. It gives a transparent shade but then it turns to tinted pink after one minute. You can darken the shade by layering it, and don’t worry, you won’t feel waxy after layering it. 

Avon naturals lip balm

Top 10 Tinted lip balms

Avon lip balms are most commonly used. It is said that 80% of girls grow up using Avon lip balms. They are effective and trustworthy which protects and moisturizes your lips for long time. So, if you can go for this lip balm. It will surely help you.

Hope you find this list useful. If you think we have missed any good tinted lip balm, do share it with us by commenting below. 
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