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How To Awake your Chakras in 6 Steps

Awakening your Chakras
Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheel of energy. There are mainly six chakras which are responsible for transformation of consciousness and provides the ultimate physical and mental health. A sensation is felt in the body when a chakra is awakened. But these chakras are usually blocked. The causes for the blockage of these chakras can be a childhood trauma, abuse, emotional injuries, lack of attention, and some unsolved puzzles of life, some mistakes that haven’t been forgiven or a learned restrictive belief system and so on. All these situations cause a chakra to shut down.

But there are ways to awaken your chakras. I shall now be sharing the ways to awaken your chakras but before that, you will need to know what a ‘rebirthing breath’ means. A rebirthing breath is a shallow and rapid breath in which you inhale strongly but exhale in a relaxed way.  Also remember to take 3 directed breaths after every session of rebirth breathings. Directed breath means you need direct and visualize the air (breaths) going towards the location of that chakra.

The ways to awaken your chakras are as follows:

Root Chakra

If root chakra is out of alignment, you will feel fearful, overly attached to materialistic things and feel insecure. You may feel that you are disconnected from life. To awaken this chakra, you need to stand with your feet as wide apart as you comfortably place them. Rotate your hips from right (forward) to left (back) 49 times. Take slower rebirthing breath with each rotation. When done, take 3 directed breaths. Now repeat it again in an opposite direction followed by 3 directed breaths.

Location: the base of spine

Navel Center Chakra

If navel center chakra is out of alignment, you may feel a loss of vitality and power. To awaken this chakra, you need to take 50 rebirthing breaths. With every inhalation, you will need to pull in your belly sharply. 

Location: the stomach and navel center.

Heart Chakra

When heart chakra is out of alignment, you may feel beaten by life and may come across various ego issues within yourself. To awaken it, stretch your arms outside and in front of the line of shoulders. Now take 49 rebirthing breaths. With each breath, move your arms (while keeping them straight) so that fingertips trace a big circle. Try to move up in back and down in front as you try to make a circle. When done, bring your hands down and take 3 directed breaths. Now repeat the process in opposite direction.

Location: the heart and lung area

Throat Chakra

When throat chakra is out of alignment, and you will feel that your ability to communicate is compromised. To awaken this chakra, do 7 head rolls. Start with dropping your head forward, roll it to left then to back and then to right then again forward. Do 7 rebirthing breaths after each roll. On the total, you need to take 49 breaths.

Location: Throat area and neck

Third Eye

This chakra strengthens our intuitive powers. Your thinking and sense of picking up signals is affected while making your mind unclear and foggy. For this, take 49 rebirthing breaths. With each inhalation, open your eyes as wide as possible while raising your eyebrows quickly. Now close your eyes and take 3 directed breaths.

Location: just above the eyebrows, at the center on the forehead

Crown Chakra

When crowd chakra is out of alignment, you may feel depressed, disconnected and restless as if something is missing or lost. Take 7 directed breaths while raising your arms with each inhalation. Try to feel the energy rising from root to crown. 

Location: at the top of the head
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