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How To Prevent Yor Hair-Loss Because Of Hard Water

Hard Water for Hair-Loss
When it comes to hair fall problem, You must have tried all good shampoos and conditioners, switched to a good hair oil, followed hair fall remedies given to you by family and friends and even consulted a hair-specialist, but all your efforts seems to be going in vain.
Give a thought and try to think what is it that is making your hairs look dull, dry and lifeless and promoting hair fall, inspite the fact that you have tried everything. Let me tell you that the culprit could be the water you are using to wash your hairs off. Yes, you read it correct, it your water!! 

It read a quote somewhere that ‘a creator has a power to destroy too’, and this can be applied here, when talking about water. While on one hand, water boosts your hair growth on the other hand, hard water encourages hair fall and make you hairs look full, lifeless and frizzy. 

How does hard water cause hair fall?

Now you must be wondering how hard water causes hairs to fall!! Well, I have an answer for this doubt too.

Hard water contains many Minerals and Oxidizers which are not good for hair’s and scalp’s health. It weakens the hair, causing it to break and fall. There is a scientific explanation for this theory too. Oxidizers and Minerals which are present in hard water are positively charged while our hairs have negative electrical charge. So when a positive charged mineral or oxidizer  comes in contact with negatively charged hairs, they get attracted and attached, just like a magnet. This results in making the hairs weak, frizzy and dry which results into hair fall. Minerals which are present in hard water are copper, magnesium, calcium and iron, which are definitely not good for hair’s health.

Consequences of hard water on Hairs:

The consequences of washing hairs with hard water can be the following:

Hair fall problems

Hairs look dry, dull, frizzy and lifeless, even if you use a conditioner

Eczema of scalp or dandruff


Graying of hairs

Thinning hair

Hair gets tangled which may lead to its breakage

It is very important that you test the water to find out whether it is hard water or soft water. To test water’s hardness, simply take soap. Try to lather it in a cup of water. If lather forms, it is good and you can use it, while if it doesn’t lathers well then you should avoid using it to bathe.

There are hard water hair care tips which you may follow and which would help in reducing the harsh effect of hard water and alleviate dullness, dryness and roughness of hairs.

Use a water softener machine. They are easily available in market. This may turn hard water to soft one.

Look for a shampoo that is specially formulated to fight with hard water and reduces its coarse effects. If you regularly use a conditioner, then go find a conditioner that can work against hard water.

Take 1 or 2 tbsp white vinegar and add it in a bucket full of warm water (warm hard water). Use this to rinse off your hairs. 

No wonder washing hairs with hard water is one of the major reasons for hair fall; but like all other issues, it has a solution too. Just by following the process mentioned above, you will be able to reduce the harsh effect of hard water which will help you to regain your thick and shiny hairs. So, if you live in a town or city or metro, where hard water is being supplied, you need to worry!! As now you have the solution to fight with it and reduce its effects.
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