Tuesday, September 16, 2014

These Easy Brain Gym Exercises Will Make Your Mind Sharper & Increase Your Concentration

These Easy Brain Gym Exercises Will Make Your Mind Sharper & Increase Your Concentration
Brain Gym Exercises
Brain Gym Exercises
Sharper and healthy brain is the root mantra of actual happy and successful life. Few simple exercises can help brain to function in a better way and thus makes its more smart, sharper and confident.
These amazing exercises are known as brain gym exercises. In today’s life old aged and adults also practice them. There are several benefits which are associated with this brain gym exercises. 

These exercises are really simple to do and by all age group. Benefits of doing brain gym exercise are as follow:

It makes us sharper and smarter.

It helps to boost our confident level.

It helps to improve self esteem.

It helps to revitalizes our natural healing mechanisms.

It helps to restore harmony and health.

It improves eye sight.

It increases communication and creative skills.

So these were some benefits of brain gym. Now let go through the exercises which are very easy and effective for our fitness and health.

Cross crawl

Stand or sit. Put your left hand elbow across the on right knee. Repeat the same thing with right knee. Properly touch left hand with right knee and vice versa. For 2 to 3 minutes repeat this exercise. 

Think of an X

You must close your eyes. Now think of an X. You need to visualize it. Try to connect left, right, lower and upper visual fields and focus their point. You need to see X like symmetry. Same way,  you need to co-ordinate with your both shoulder and hip.

Neck rolls

Move your head forward and try to relax your shoulders. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Slowly roll your head from side to rise. Move your head in circular moment. You need to repeat this exercise for 4 to 5 minutes.

Belly breathing

On your abdomen, put your hands. Through your little puff exhale from mouth. Try to feel like you had kept feather in the air. Till your lungs feel empty you can do this process. In a day repeat this exercise for 3 to 5 times.

The elephant

 Place your right ears on your right shoulder extend your right arm like an elephant trunk and try to draw infinity sign in front of you.  This line should cross up in the middle. Make sure that your knees are relaxed. After 4 to 5 signs, complete switch your arms.

These were some simple brain gym exercise which you can do at your home by yourself. Daily morning perform these exercises. See the, magic! You will gain positive energy and your brain will function perfectly.

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