Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Top 6 Healthy and Delicious Finger Foods

Top 6 Healthy and delicious finger foods
Top 6 Healthy and delicious finger foods
So friends, holiday season is coming nearby and we all plan for social gathering and season parties. So hurry up and plan to prepare some yummy and delicious finger foods which are very easy to eat, convenient and they require very less time to prepare. These tasty finger foods require no knife, spoon and fork to eat.  These finger foods are very handy to carry and eat. Peoples of all ages love finger foods.

If you are looking for healthy and smart choice then these finger foods are made for you. You won’t become fat after eating them.

Today I am going to share some of my favorite and healthy finger foods that are very easy to prepare.

Sweet Potato French fries

We all love French fries. This finger food is my favorite among all.  This dish is sweet in taste and crispy in nature. Normally French fries is made from potato but you will also love of sweet potato too. This finger food is healthy and very delightful food.


Nachos are my 2nd choice in finger foods. This dish is very healthy and veggie too. I love to eat nachos with jalapenos, cottage cheese, salsa and other jalapenos. These things make it more tasty and delicious. Nachos are healthy and finger friendly in nature. 


Pop up the popcorns!! I love popcorns. They are light, easy, healthy and crunchy finger foods. Go for popcorn without butter they are healthy. They contain fiber, whole grains and antioxidants which are very good for our health.

Top 6 Healthy and delicious finger foods
Top 6 Healthy and delicious finger foods

Cheese sticks

Cheese is loved by all. They are so yummy! Another favorite finger food is Cheese sticks. These cheese sticks are made from cottage cheese or goat cheese. These cheeses are low in fat and healthy too. One can use healthy oil like olive oil for cooking it to make this dish healthier and contains less fat. 

Oats cookies

In any social event or family gathering, cookies are very important. These cookies are made from oats and whole meal flour. This cookie is not only tasty but healthy too. A person of all ages loves to at cookies without much thinking about their weight.  

Healthy Club Sandwiches

When my mom talks about finger foods, I always recommend her to add sandwich in her list. Club sandwich is very easy to prepare and it’s healthy too. My mom always chooses a smart and healthy ingredient for club sandwich. She prepare club sandwich from whole wheat bread, onions, lettuce leaves, tomatoes, bell pepper and lots of cheese.

These were some of the healthier and yummiest finger foods which I love to have. Will you too include my favorite finger foods in your list? Comment below and let me know your choice.

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