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Here's Everything About Hypnosis Therapy For Weight Loss

Hypnosis Therapy for Weight Loss
Hypnosis Therapy for Weight Loss
There are numerous methods to loose weight. These methods may vary from ditching junk food to exercising hard to practicing yoga to consuming weight loss pills, etc. Usually these methods seem to disappoint people as people regain weight post their plans. But Hypnosis is a method which works like a wonder and help you shed desired extra pounds.

Hypnosis is actually a psychological state in which a person is loses its consciousness (superficially resembling sleep) and is highly responsive to the directions, questions and suggestions. It is used to treat various ailments and psychological problems.

Hypnosis for weight loss:

Hypnosis therapy for weight loss is commonly practiced these days. It may not directly reduce weight like weight loss diets or exercises but it gradually cures the root problem that causes weight gain in our body. It is highly effective if the cause of weight gain or obesity is non-genetic. Obesity is mainly caused by psychological issues like sleeplessness, stress, mood-swings, eating disorder; emotional eating and depression can be treated by hypnosis. 

This is an age-old technique that has predated carb and calorie counting since few years. This technique is all about controlling your mind and altering your needs and cravings. 

Hypnosis is more effective when done with proper dieting and exercise. 

Hypnosis not only helps in reducing weight but can also help you in the following ways:

It helps to improve your thinking ability more clearly. It will increase your ability to focus.

It will increase your self-awareness.

It will lower your stress levels.

It will increase the production of brain chemicals that are related to the quality of life.

It will also improve your emotional and mental health.

It helps in weight management.

Process of Hypnosis for weight loss:

The process of hypnosis is very simple yet complicated. I had seen many people usually go for self-hypnosis where they practice this therapy by their own. This can be a tough thing to do and may not give you expected results. Therefore, it is better that you consult a hypnotherapist for this therapy. 

Basically, the process of hypnosis for weight loss require 4 sessions:

First session: 

Understanding root-cause and removing past obstacle.

Second session:

Working with your subconscious to make and understand the new success plan.

Third session:

Testing your plan, if it has worked or not.

Fourth session:

Reviewing of the plan is done. If the aim has been achieved, you must stop this therapy. If you are not satisfied with the result, the plan is modified and the process is repeated. 

Usually, each session has a week long gap. In between, the therapist suggests you with some daily routine activities, diets and exercises. Four sessions process is enough to loose desired weight if the exercises activities and diets are followed as per the doctor. 

Hypnosis for weight loss is all about caring for your self. It teaches you the real priorities of your life i.e. your needs, your wants and your lifestyle choices. Once this therapy is modifying your priorities, you will feel to eat healthy and follow a healthy lifestyle from within. In simple words, this therapy attacks straightaway your brain and asks to stay follow some steps that will help you loose weight.

Market is full of pills and oils that may help in loosing weight quickly, but these secondary options are not always healthy as they have many side effects too. Even crash diets and exercising-till-your-body-pains are some of the most preferred methods for the same. The gradual process of weight loss is always good for health and hypnosis is one such process for gradual and permanent weight loss.
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