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Top 5 waterfalls around the world

Top 5 natural waterfalls
Waterfalls are Mother Nature’s beauties and gift to all of us. From thousands of year these waterfalls where created. From the bed of rock the river flowing down and eroding the soil on the softer part, which make fall downstream and rock break, thus water in these falls too falls which create them into waterfall naturally. Many water falls were created by melting icebergs.
Waterfall is a scenic beauty and from all around the world people visit to these extremely beautiful place.

Today will share with us some top 5 natural waterfall from all around world.

Igauza Falls

Top 5 natural waterfalls

This fall is known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is formed from famous river Igauza which is situated in border of Parana in country Brazil. Igauza river flows from Brazil but most the part of Igauza falls are found in Argentina. Look how majestic the fall looks.

Skogafoss Falls

Top 5 natural waterfalls

This fall flows through south Iceland. It is known as one of the biggest river in our world. It is 200 ft. long and 82 ft. wide. The steep cliff in the water is just parallel to the coast. Tourists and photographers are lucky as they can click the Skogafoss falls with a rainbow during summer season.

Havasu Falls

Top 5 natural waterfalls

This waterfall is situated in Grand Canyon in United State of America. Havasu falls is famous for its natural pool. This waterfall is 100 ft down. The water has large content minerals like calcium carbonate. This mineral makes sea greenish. Many times this waterfall is 2 slides instead of one.

Angel Falls

Top 5 natural waterfalls

Angel Falls is known as world’s longest uninterrupted waterfall. The height of this fall is 3212 ft and plunge of 2648 ft.  In Venenzula this waterfall is situated and flows downward from mount of Auyantepui.

Niagara Falls

Top 5 natural waterfalls

The American falls, The Horseshoe Falls and the Bridal Falls together forms as the famous Niagara Falls. This famous fall is situated on the international border of United State of America and Canada. This fall have the highest flow of water rate as compared to all other waterfall. This fall has around 165 ft. It has hydroelectricity power station in this fall. This fall is very resourceful.

These are top 5 waterfalls from all around the world. 

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