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Beautiful Engagement Mehndi Designs

Beautiful Engagement Mehndi Designs
Engagement ceremony is a very special occasion in every girl’s life. It is the first step towards that new life which she is going to spend with her soul mate. When the bride-to-be and groom-to-be exchange rings, they make a promise to care, love and respect each other throughout life.

Every girl desires to look like a princess on her engagement ceremony. Not only makeup, ornaments and dresses play an important role but there is one thing that enhances the beauty of this whole look. It’s the Mehndi. As the main focus during the engagement is on hands because of the engagement ring, beautiful mehndi on hands becomes really important. 

Here in this article, I shall be sharing my favorite and the best engagement mehndi designs with you. These will surely make your hands and that special ring look more beautiful and attractive.

The beautiful engagement mehndi designs are as follows:

Design 1

Beautiful Engagement Mehndi Designs

I truly love this design. The peacock feathers like patterns cover 1/2 of the plan while swirl pattern on the other 1/2 looks really superb. If you look closely, you can see the alphabets. If join them all, the name of the groom is formed i.e. Sumeet. It truly loved the idea of this design which makes it every more interesting.

Design 2

Beautiful Engagement Mehndi Designs

This is a very simple design but looks really attractive. I love these kinds of designs as they make your hand look more fair and beautiful. While the dense designs usually hide your engagement ring, this design would enhance make your ring look more beautiful. 

Design 3

Beautiful Engagement Mehndi Designs

I found this design really adorable. It is a simple yet very classy design. In design the alternately filled checks make this design even lovelier. I truly adore it. What about you?

Design 4

Beautiful Engagement Mehndi Designs

This is a beautiful maarvari design. The design is really very simple if you look closely. The dotted pattern in hand is partially filled on the fingers looks as if it is a beautiful ornament. If you are a girl who has ‘simple living and high thinking’ perception then this design is just perfect for you.

Design 5

Beautiful Engagement Mehndi Designs

I believe, for engagement you should avoid going for dense mehndi designs. This is yet another beautiful and light design which is great for engagement ceremony. The circular patterns look really lovely on the hands. I truly loved this one.

Design 6

Beautiful Engagement Mehndi Designs

Mehndi on backside of the hand should be laid more emphasis because of the ring. This mehndi is one of the most lovable and adorable of all designs. Look at the elegance of this design and how beautiful the engagement ring is looking!! This design seriously took my heart away.

Design 7

Beautiful Engagement Mehndi Designs

This is yet another beautiful mehndi design for backside of the hands. Floral design always looks beautiful just like this one. You can proudly wear engagement ring, when you get this mehndi design done. Isn’t it beautiful?

Design 8

Beautiful Engagement Mehndi Designs

I believe the backside of the mehndi should be done is a way that its main focus should be on the engagement ring. This design is just perfect to show-off your engagement ring during the ceremony. Here, the main focus is on the ring while the design is covering the major area of the hand very beautifully.

Design 9

Beautiful Engagement Mehndi Designs

This is one of those unique designs that are dense yet suitable for your engagement ceremony. The peacock design made on palm is really beautiful. What is making this design more beautiful and unique is the design made on fingers. Look at them, every design is totally different from each other. Isn’t it really amazing design?

Design 10

Beautiful Engagement Mehndi Designs

There are few girls who don’t like the smell of mehndi. No worries, exception are everywhere and I have solution for this problem too!! This is a temporary tattoo mehndi which is best for those girls who don’t like original henna mehndi much. These are easily available in the market and best part is, you can match it with your dress too. 
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